Best laptops 2021

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The best types of laptops anyone who intends to buy one of these devices wants to know, so that he puts his money in the right place, and does not have to buy a new one after a while, especially with the continuous rise in the prices of laptops. Here we present four of the best laptops With different prices and possibilities to suit everyone.

Things to consider when buying a laptop

In fact, there is no better laptop than others. Choosing the best laptop depends mainly on what you want this device to give you, or what suits your financial capabilities and what you want to pay.

There are many things to consider when choosing a laptop, the most important of which are the following:

  • What kind of operating system you want is Windows, Mac or Linux.
  • Device size and weight.
  • Do you want a normal or touch screen?
  • Device battery life.
  • Screen Size.
  • The ability of the device to run games with high graphics.
  • The device works as a laptop only, or does it work as a laptop and tablet at the same time.

All of these criteria make it seem difficult but we will try to make things as easy as we can by showing you good laptops selected according to different criteria.

Best laptops 2021

If you decide what you want according to the above criteria, then it is time to choose what you want from this range of laptops and you can view the prices via Amazon site famous.

1- Dell xps13 laptop

Best laptops 2021 2
The best kind of laptop


  • A powerful performance laptop.
  • The battery is long lasting.


  • The price is rather high.

If you want a Windows laptop, this is the best device we recommend in this operating system, the device is Windows 10 and can be upgraded to Windows 11.

The device usually comes. The size of a 14-inch screen and a keyboard is installed, but it is also not heavy in weight, but its weight and size are suitable for easy carrying. It has 16 GB DDR4 RAM and is available in three icore 3,5,7 processors. You can choose which one according to the price that suits you.


Best laptops 2021 3
The best kind of laptop


  • Small weight and small thickness.
  • Increase storage capacity.


  • high price.

It is considered one of the best Mac laptops from Apple, which is famous for its excellent hardware, although it has always been flawed by the high price of its products.

The device is equipped with a fingerprint, a camera with a resolution of 720 pixels and a touch screen with a width of 2560 x 1600, but the best part of it is the fast processor, which makes it suitable for graphic work more than any other laptop. The good thing is that the battery life is also not affected by the increase in the speed of the processor, as The device can run for 10 hours continuously without the need to charge it.

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3- Laptop LG GRAM 17

Best laptops 2021 4
Best laptop with big screen


  • Big Screen.
  • Long battery life.


  • Increase the size of the device.

It is considered one of the best types of laptop for lovers of large screens, as the screen width is 17 inches and at the same time it is not heavy, and it also features a longer battery life even than expensive Apple devices as it can work for 12 consecutive hours.

Its other advantages include the speed of its processing, the quality of the keyboard, its lightness in typing, and the sound of the fan being very quiet, but the large screen size makes it difficult to move it from one place to another, and placing it in a fixed office is better.

4- Acer Swift 3 laptop

Best laptops 2021 5
The best kind of laptop


  • Very economical price.
  • Outstanding performance.


  • Short battery life.

It is considered the best laptop that does not cost you much compared to the capabilities that you will get, as its price is only about $ 600, and it gives you a screen size of about 14 inches, an icore 7 processor, 8 GB RAM and Wi-Fi 6, in addition to the fingerprint feature, high performance capabilities for graphics and games, and a panel Good keys, only drawback is that the battery life is rather short.

In this article, we have identified four of the best laptops that you can choose among easily according to what suits your needs and capabilities.

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