Best Google Photos alternatives: keep your photos safe

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Google Photos has always been one of the best applications through which you can store photos and videos safely and for free and without specifying a storage space, but Google announced that, starting on June 21, the user can store photos for free in a space of 15 GB only and in the event that these are exceeded Capacity The user will have to pay to get more space, so if you are looking for the best alternatives to Google Photos, you can look at the list below and choose what suits you, but none of them provide the same features or you may need some effort to prepare them, and here are the best alternatives to Google Photos.

Should you stop using Google photos?

Before we start reviewing the best alternatives to Google Photos, we should think about whether we should stop using Google Photos or should we pay fees for more storage capacity?

If we look at the features that the Google Photos application offers us compared to other competing applications, the application deserves to pay those fees. Through the application, you will be able to quickly search your library by date, location, keyword, or even a person’s face.

Also, these alternatives will not be free forever, and you can pay $ 20 a year to Google to get an additional 100 GB for your storage, and here are the best alternatives to Google images.

What are the best alternatives to Google photos?

Amazon Photos app

Best alternatives to Google photos
Amazon Photos app

If you are looking for unlimited storage, you can count on Amazon Photos It is one of the best alternatives to Google Photos and if you are paying for Amazon Prime service then you already have Amazon Photos.

Amazon Photos is mainly for photos, but you can only store 5 GB for videos and other files, and if you want more capacity than that, then you have to pay a fee.

The app contains search features by keyword, but it does not work in high quality like Google photos, but it is better than nothing, and you can keep the images in their original quality.

The application automatically synchronizes your photos with the ability to share them with your family members, and in the event that you subscribe to the unlimited storage capacity, you can then share them with 6 members of your family for one subscription only, and be aware that if you cancel your subscription to Amazon Prime, you will lose access to your photos and be deleted Final.

Dropbox app

Prepare Dropbox A popular and useful cloud storage service if you set it up correctly, which makes it one of the best alternatives to Google Photos, through which you can synchronize your photos automatically and in complete safety within the cloud, as it is synchronized with all other cloud services.

But the application provides you with only 2 GB of free space in exchange for 15 GB in Google Photos, and its fees are more expensive than Google, but what you will get in return are features related to security and productivity, but you are the one who determines whether it is worth or not especially if you only want to store pictures Your children.

Flickr app

Flickr has been around for a long time, but not everyone knows that it offers the feature of storing images, as it is always marketed to professional photographers to share photos in high-quality resolution, but you can also use it, and the application provides an automatic image sync feature or you can choose individual photos to store them.

The application has the advantage of saving pictures away from intruders as well as keeping pictures in albums that are easy to organize, and the application provides 1 TB for free, but recently it has been limited to 1000 pictures only. Flickr Pro But you have to pay $ 60 a year.

OneDrive app

Best alternatives to Google photos
OneDrive app

It is considered an application OneDrive It is one of the best alternatives to Google images and it is developed by Microsoft And a familiar option for users of the Office application, as it enables you to automatically synchronize your photos, as well as the ability to tag them according to their content.

The application provides only 5 GB for free, but you can get 100 GB for $ 2 a month, which is similar to Google Photos fees for 100 GB, and Microsoft 365 users get 1 TB for $ 70 annually.

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