Best Free WordPress Plugins 2021

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If you are looking to develop your own site, you can get some great free WordPress plugins that help improve the appearance of your site in the search results and analyze site visitors, analyze pages and address site errors or primitive errors that you can commit at the beginning of creating the site, all of which are free and will not cost you Thing .

Best Free WordPress Plugins 2021

Best free WordPress plugins

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Yoast SEO

It is the best WordPress plugin ever because it contains many features such as adjusting the title and description of the article, hiding the date, controlling the navigation paths of your site, helping you create XML sitemaps, creating an image gallery, as well as creating the site with different search engines, in addition to the possibility of adding social networking buttons. social.

This add-on can also help you analyze your content for SEO and readability, block annoying comments, check article readability for users, and other great features, and it’s free.

Best Free WordPress Plugins 2021


One of the most important free WordPress plugins that helps you analyze the performance of the plugins that you have used to increase the number of visitors, improve the search engine, etc. It proves the effectiveness of these plugins or not.

You can learn about the nature of site visitors, their countries, what they are interested in, their ages, the keywords they used to access the site, referral links, and topics that attracted their interest, and know the quality of your site through the Google Search Console tool, and tracking users across different devices through Google Analytics and Analytics to improve the titles of site articles and many important analyzes and it is free.

Best Free WordPress Plugins 2021


You cannot start working on the site without a backup copy of the data and everything that is important on the site so that you can work safely. It helps you backup your site on Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and a number of other cloud storage sites. The addition is characterized by speed and ease of use and As well as the ease of restoring the backup in the event of a breach of the site or a malfunction in the server.

The extension allows you to schedule backup storage with the ability to encrypt the database and prepare advanced reports if you choose the paid version, which is free.

Best Free WordPress Plugins 2021
Best Free WordPress Plugins 2021 8

WP Super Cache

One of the important and free WordPress plugins that helps you get rid of slow browsing within the site and the ease of moving from one page to another. The site, which may take time to load, and thus speed up the site in a smart and easy way, and it is free.

Best Free WordPress Plugins 2021 2


One of the wonderful WordPress plugins that helps you to greatly improve images, even small images are improved wonderfully and convert images to WebP format to reduce their size and reduce the size of your site and become lighter and faster in moving between pages and the possibility of images appearing without appearing intermittently or slow, then The images represent 50% of the loading time, so the addition can improve the matter and keep visitors within the site.

The add-on can improve a large number of image formats such as jpgs, pngs, pdfs and gifs, instead of going to an external site and compressing the images and then returning again to upload them on your site, which means a shortening of time and effort.

Best Free WordPress Plugins 2021

These were the best free WordPress plugins and we hope they will help you improve your site easily.

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