Best free VPN for pc 2021 [مواقع vpn سريعة و امنه]

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We previously made a list of the best free VPNs for the computer, and now we complete the list with some other sites that provide the service for free and are great for hiding your identity on the entire Internet and enjoying safe and anonymous browsing away from the eyes of those trying to snoop on your data.

Below you will find some wonderful sites that provide the service for free or provide the service in the form of a free trial and the purchase is made after the trial, so you can still choose.

Best free VPN for PC 2021 [مواقع vpn سريعة و امنه]

The best free VPN for PC

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One of the programs that offers a free vpn for the computer in a great way, in addition to an unlimited amount of data for free use, through which you can watch Netflix Originals’ works, and the site uses 256-bit encryption to protect your data from hackers and Internet theft.

One of the advantages of the site is that it does not record your browsing activity, and its main base in Switzerland is friendly to privacy and security, although the speed of service may be limited at many times due to the fact that the support always goes to the owners of the paid service.

Best free VPN for PC 2021 [مواقع vpn سريعة و امنه]


One of the wonderful free vpn programs through which you can get 2 GB per month without handing over any information (that is, without registering using your email), or you can get 10 GB if you provide an email address and you can also get through it It is an ad blocker and the service has successfully unblocked US Netflix and BBC iPlayer on servers available to free users.

The average speed is between 180 to 240 MB, but this may vary from country to country. You can use it as an “extension” to your Chrome browser, and it also uses military-grade 256-bit encryption to protect your data.

Best free VPN for PC 2021 [مواقع vpn سريعة و امنه] VPN

One of the best free VPN providers for the computer enables you to easily connect to servers in some locations such as Canada, the Netherlands, Singapore, the eastern United States and the western United States as well, and it also gives you unlimited bandwidth and speeds with 10 GB of free monthly data.

The site also uses the highest level of encryption to hide your activity and your data over the Internet, and the program is free of advertisements, in addition to the availability of technical support service for free use and is used by millions annually, and you can buy the paid version to get higher features and speeds.

Best free VPN for PC 2021 [مواقع vpn سريعة و امنه]


The famous Vpn program that can be used for free, but not like the rest of the programs in the list, the free use of the site is very limited, as it gives you only 500 MB per month.

This forces you to upgrade to get additional data capacity, but you can get unlimited speeds with access to servers in more than 20 different countries and it also comes with a 256-bit military encryption system that ensures the protection of your data.

Best free VPN for PC 2021 [مواقع vpn سريعة و امنه]


The site may be little known in our Arab world, but it is more than wonderful in protecting your data while browsing with a data capacity of 500 MB every 24 hours, but what is wrong with the program is the increase in the number of free users, which leads to slow browsing while using it.

Also, the program does not protect you from Google ads directed at you according to your approximate location, and it also uses 256-bit encryption to ensure your identity is hidden on the Internet and to keep your data safe from prying eyes.

Best free VPN for pc 2021 [مواقع vpn سريعة و امنه] 2

Those were the best sites that offer a free VPN for the computer in a safe and fast manner, but of course the free use you will find is somewhat limited, but the upgrade to the paid versions will give you many features and speeds, and some of them give you an ad blocker as well.

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