Best free PC games 2021

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The best free computer games you must know, no matter how much you love electronic games, it is difficult to pay a lot of money to constantly buy new ones, and downloading them illegally may expose your device to viruses and hacking. Fortunately, the companies that make these games provide a set of free ones on a monthly basis. In this article, we will review some of the most beautiful games and how to download them.

Best free PC games 2021

Many game stores such as Epic Games and Microsoft offer a set of free games every month, some of them are completely free without the need to subscribe to the site, while some games are free on the condition of subscribing to the site, we tried to collect the best free titles from various of those sites, and we mention them as follows:

1- Rocket League

Best Free PC Games 2021 2
Best free PC games

It is one of the car football games, available for Playstation and Xbox, as well as for Windows and Linux computers. The game has gained great popularity among most users since its launch in 2015. It is a single game, but it includes a lot of excitement and enthusiasm.

This game is available on the Epic Games Store website. All you have to do is enter the site and you can find it by searching for its name on Google. At the bottom of the site page you will find the Free Games section. Click on the title Free Now Free Now choose the Rocket League game or enter the game directly via this link And continue with the steps as if you were going to buy it, but no cost will be asked from you, and you will then see that the game has appeared in the section of the game library in the site player, and do not miss downloading it because it is one of the best free PC games.

2- Crackdown 1 & 2

Best Free PC Games 2021 3
Best free PC games

This game is available through the Microsoft Play Store, which rarely offers free games, and it is one of the Xbox games. It first appeared in 2007 and due to its success, several versions 1, 2 and 3 appeared, but the third version is not available for free.

The game is based on the thrill of chase, climbing skyscrapers and jumping between buildings, and its main hero is a secret agent whose abilities are constantly evolving. The game is in an endless war with street gangs, a first-class action and suspense game.

If you have a code to redeem this game, sign in to your Microsoft account and then go to this link Put the code in it and then press more and then redeem code

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3- Crusader Kings II

Best Free PC Games 2021 4
Best free PC games

This game was released in 2012 and its sales exceeded one million copies. The game is based on the ancient history of Europe, when it was divided into small kingdoms. You have to play the role of one of the kings of those small kingdoms, and try to expand the lands of your small kingdom and control as much land as you can.

This game is available from the Steam Games website, which provides a large number of free games, and although this game is free, many of its parts remain paid, and you can view it and log in to download it via this link

4- The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfal

Best Free PC Games 2021 5
The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfal

This game has been available for free since 2009 and is considered among the best free computer games, and it is very old as its first release appeared more than twenty years ago, and the idea of ​​the game is based on being on a fictional continent and you can move within it between two provinces, and it contains a large number of cities and towns And the dungeons that the player can discover, the player can transform into a werewolf or a vampire and cast magic spells, and it has powerful enemies which gives the game great fun, and you can download it for free through its official website from here

We got acquainted with a group of the best free PC games and you can discover the sites that provide them to get more entertaining free games.

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