Best food delivery apps in Egypt 2021

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After the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, it was difficult for some industries and services, but this crisis served some other sectors, such as restaurants and their services, such as food delivery services, and some applications were able to be unique within the Egyptian market to provide these services at the lowest price and highest quality, which is What we will deal with below.

Best food delivery apps in Egypt 2021

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Talabat application, which is the same as the Otlob application previously, and it is one of the most popular food delivery applications in Egypt and contains lists of thousands of restaurants inside Egypt that offer a wide and different number of wonderful foods, whether you want pizza, burgers, oriental food, sushi, and so on. many .

After installing the application, browse or search for foods and restaurants, and you can take advantage of discount codes and wonderful daily offers. Payment is cash when delivering food or through credit cards. You can write your notes while making the order and arrange your preferences. What is wrong with the application is the poor quality customers service .

Best food delivery apps in Egypt 2021

One of the wonderful and practical applications in food delivery, as well as what distinguishes the application is the immediate update of restaurant menus and prices, and you will find pictures of a menu with modern prices for each restaurant you need easily.

The application contains more than 6000 restaurants inside Egypt offering various types of food, whether Italian, Syrian or oriental Egyptian, sweets and other wonderful foods, and you can search for restaurants within the application by name or search for the foods you want to eat and it will nominate you the restaurants that offer and Everything related to these restaurants, and the application offers great offers if you are using it for the first time, and other offers come successively.

Best food delivery apps in Egypt 2021

Jumia Food

Of course, the application is affiliated with the famous Jumia online store, and although the service is still relatively new compared to other applications on the list, it was able to include hundreds of famous restaurants and grocery stores, and the application does not focus on food only, but can also deliver medicines to your doorstep or office in the work .

The application contains the best restaurants that offer famous American, Asian, African and other wonderful Egyptian foods such as grilled meat and chicken and many wonderful restaurants with free delivery offers and the ability to browse wonderful restaurants and you can also pay either cash on delivery or from through credit cards.

Best food delivery apps in Egypt 2021


It is one of the best food delivery applications, as well as the delivery of car spare parts, groceries, clothes, accessories, and anything that a messenger brings to you directly to your place. The application was started in the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and then spread to branches offering the same quality of services in both Bahrain and Egypt.

As we mentioned, the application does not depend on the delivery of food orders only, but you can buy anything from anywhere, and through the application, a messenger can deliver it to you wherever you are, and you can benefit from the live chat service with the driver if there are any notes, and you can also send anything to anyone Makan by Messenger, it is an integrated application that connects you to most of the vital services.

Best food delivery apps in Egypt 2021

These were the best food delivery applications in Egypt, including applications that connect to other services other than food delivery, and you can benefit from the offers and services provided easily once you install any application in the list.

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