Best computer horror games for adults only

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If you are looking for the best horror games for the computer, you will find a long list that contains many games, but below we have chosen the best games that have won the admiration of a huge number of players and are broadcast while playing constantly on Twitch, as well as on Facebook Gaming, in addition to the YouTube platform. Games that make you live within the atmosphere of the game through plots, fateful choices, effects and soundtracks, and now let’s look at that list.

Best computer horror games for adults only

Best computer horror games for adults only

Little Nightmares 2

Best computer horror games for adults only

The second part of the famous Little Nightmares game, which is considered one of the best horror games for the computer. The game relies on the wonderful plot that reflects the reality we live in with its frightening side. The hero mono in a strange world filled with strange creatures without feelings that seem to constitute the seven sins. In the form of shapes that reflect those sins, and Mono tries to save the heroine of the first six who is trying to escape from this world, and the conclusion of the story is that it appears as a dark reflection of the world of social media that we are currently living in, but frighteningly.

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The Medium

Best computer horror games for adults only

One of the best computer horror games, especially psychological horror, Marianne, the heroine of the story, has the ability to communicate with the spirit world, and after receiving a strange call, he tells her about a new adventure in a deserted place in Poland, which contains an evil spirit called Mao. Marianne is chasing the heroine of the story in a strong framework of The psychological horror and your confrontation will lie in escaping and hiding from the enemy, in addition to the emotional side of the story as you try to help the stray souls and guide them on the way. The game depends on exploration largely in an attempt to answer questions and solve this dilemma and escape.

The Evil Within 2

Best computer horror games for adults only 1

One of the wonderful horror stories and its director is the same as the director of the most famous horror games such as Resident Evil, Dino Crisis and Vanquish, which is a third-person survival horror that will drag you into a terrifying world inhabited by enemies, after the mobius organization forced the detective Sebastian to enter Stem’s scientist has to search for his daughter in Bacon Hospital in the first part, so this time she is searching for her in a union city in a scary world full of strange creatures, and it is one of the best horror games for the computer.

Outlast series

Best computer horror games for adults only 2

Perhaps this series is the entrance to many of the world of horror games, as it revolves around the journalist who obtained leaked news from a hospital employee in a rural area where inhuman experiments are carried out on humans. Of the people who have become in a strange way as a result of these experiences, and in that game, you only have to run and hide and face these creatures and the poor lighting with a camera equipped with night lighting only, some cannot complete an hour of continuous playing because of the scenes and plots that take your breath away .

These were the best horror games for the computer that you may not need great capabilities in your computer, and of course it is preferable to play them after the hardships of the day and enjoy them at night in your dark room and headphones that provide you with a great experience in entering the world of those games.

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