Best camera apps for Android 2021 [للتصوير الاحترافي]

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You can now take professional shots by getting to know the best Android camera apps that help you take movie shots and add great effects even with low lighting.These applications may help convert your old phone’s camera into a relatively cool camera through effects and even with the great cameras on Android phones. These apps will give you the best performance ever to get the best photos.

Best camera apps for Android 2021 [للتصوير الاحترافي]

Best camera apps for Android 2021

Adobe Lightroom

Although it is considered an application for adding effects and modifying images, it comes with a built-in camera, through which you can add any effect you want to images with control to change color hue and saturation accurately and the ability to place your own watermarks in addition to it contains manual controls In camera .

You can also remove anything through the brush and control the image size, length and width, with cropping and lighting tools, and the app supports HDR feature for advanced phones such as Samsung S7, Note 8, Google Pixel and OnePlus 5.

Best camera apps for Android 2021 [للتصوير الاحترافي]

Google Camera

One of the best camera applications for Android that works to improve the quality of the camera on Android through many wonderful features, what most distinguishes the application is night photography with astronomical mode to photograph the night sky and also the application helps you to make zoom without significantly affecting the quality of the image and keeping it as much From the pixel.

In addition to the advantage of choosing the ideal moment, where the artificial intelligence selects the best integrated shot in terms of clarity and accuracy and far from the reflection of the flash light in the eye, in addition to the ability to change the background in the images and the HDR + feature to capture wonderful pictures.

Best camera apps for Android 2021 [للتصوير الاحترافي]

Camera FV-5

The application contains a number of manual controls, as well as exposure and a built-in intervalometer. The application can be used in night photography with more than wonderful light paths. It also contains a number of other features such as light metering mode, focus mode and White balance feature.

It is possible through the application also to make amazing time shots “timelapses” with a series of pictures that can be controlled. Perhaps what is wrong with the application is that it is not stable on some phones, but it fulfills the purpose to a large extent.

Best camera apps for Android 2021 [للتصوير الاحترافي]

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ProCam X

It comes within the latest Android camera apps and contains a number of features such as support for shooting video in 4K technology with some professional modes such as scene mode, focus mode, burst mode, color effects, white balance, manual exposure lock, and ISO Manual with many manual controls, brightness settings, the most impressive effects, time-lapse video design, face recognition, and other features that make it look great.

Best camera apps for Android 2021 [للتصوير الاحترافي]

Bacon Camera

One of the other great applications is to support RAW and DNG format with the traditional JPEG format, in addition to the wonderful manual control with regard to manual focus, full white balance, color balance, effects and scenes, and a wonderful artificial intelligence based on a unique algorithm. Maximum accuracy and gifs can also be made through the application, but what is wrong with the application is its lack of updating by the luxury developer, an update that the application witnessed in 2019.

Best camera apps for Android 2021 [للتصوير الاحترافي]

Those were the best camera apps for Android that help you photograph professionally and enjoy manual control of image elements, add effects, and the ability to make great video clips in simple, uncomplicated steps, all free of charge and contain the ability to purchase additional items from within the app if desired.

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