Best Android Cleaning Program 2021 [5 تطبيقات مجانية]

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Due to excessive use and excessive pressure on cell phones, we notice weakness in performance from time to time, and although phone manufacturers and operating systems add built-in features and features to the phone in order to solve performance problems and improve it, using an Android cleaning program remains a good option to speed up the phone and make it work. Smoothly, but the problem is the proliferation of many applications that promise you to clean the phone, but in reality they do not do so at all, but on the contrary lead to more slowness in the performance of the phone, so we have collected for you the following 5 effective free Android applications to speed up Android and improve its performance with one click Here are the applications below.

The best Android cleaning program

The Android operating system is developed by Google, so there is no doubt that the best Android cleaning program is developed by Google as well, we are talking about the very special Files By Google application, which is originally a file management application but it provides You have some additional and very useful features, the most important of which is cleaning the phone, which you can find in a section below the application.

This feature provides you with the ability to find out unnecessary files, duplicate files, or large files, in addition to applications that you do not use often, and the applications provide you with an automatic way to identify files that hinder the performance of the phone and delete them, alternatively you can browse the files manually and remove what you do not want Of which, this application is the best phone cleaning program, however it does not provide a RAM optimization tool, but you can get it through the following applications.

The best Android cleaning program

When it comes to cleaning the phone and improving its performance, it is certain that the name of Droid Optimizer will be a landmark as it is considered a rich application, with more than a million downloads on the Play Store, and this application provides many advantages, including ease of use in addition to it is completely free, and in addition On that, the application is very effective in cleaning the phone, solving problems, speeding it up, and improving performance, which is why we can say that the Droid Optimizer application is the best Android cleaning program 2021.

The best Android cleaning program

If you are a user of computers for a long time, then you have certainly heard about CCleaner before as it is considered one of the most popular computer cleaning programs for many years, and the program also has an application on Android phones which can be the best Android cleaning program for what provides Among the features and capabilities that we cannot find in any other application, as the application analyzes and cleans unnecessary files that occupy your phone space, the program also wipes cache data from applications, wipes empty folders, deletes records, etc.

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Best Android Cleaning Program 2021 [5 تطبيقات مجانية] 1

It is a good idea to clean heavy files on your phone that lead to slowing down of the phone, however this is not the only way to clean the phone, but you must also monitor the battery, phone temperature, processor performance, etc., and this is really what provides you with the Android Cleaner application as it is considered one of the best applications Android is very distinctive in cleaning and speeding up the phone, and there is a Boost function in the program, which cleans the system cache, closes background applications, etc.

Best Android Cleaning Program 2021 [5 تطبيقات مجانية] 2

The last application in this group, which is also a good application and can be very useful for you, as this application provides a lot of very professional tools, which are four tools. The first tool, CorpseFinder, through which you can delete the remaining files from the deleted applications, which may lead to slowing down the phone. Another tool here is the SystemCleaner tool that deletes unnecessary files from the phone that are recognized automatically, and there is a storage analysis tool that enables you to find The files are large in size and delete them in order to clean the phone as well, and there is a free version available from the application, and there is a paid version that gives you many advantages, but the free version remains completely sufficient and you can download the application from the link above.

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