Best alternatives to Photoshop for professional photo editing 2021

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Photoshop is considered the best program for editing and designing images at all, as the program provides a tremendous set of features and very professional tools, as is the case with the Adobe company in its various programs, but what is wrong with Photoshop is that it is somewhat difficult to use for the average user, and it is not free. And it costs a high price, and that is why many people need to use Photoshop alternatives, which are free in addition to being easy to use.

In fact, you will never find better than Photoshop for professional photo editing, however if you want to use certain simple tools only without the need for a lot of tools and capabilities, then using one of the free alternatives may be very suitable for you, even if using Photoshop in this case It would be an overkill, so if you are looking for the best and powerful alternatives to Photoshop, here are some of these programs that you can use and rely on for basic photo editing.

a program GIMP

Best Photoshop alternatives for professional photo editing 2021 1
Created with GIMP

We start with the famous GIMP program, which is considered the best alternative to Photoshop when we talk about free programs, and it is also open source, and the program provides many golden photo editing tools, and it contains multiple properties such as Layers, Masks, Curves and Levels, which are very useful in editing Pictures, the program also allows you to remove defects in the image through the quick optimization tool, in addition to the ability to create custom brushes and a lot of other properties and capabilities available in this wonderful program.

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Best Photoshop alternatives for professional photo editing 2021 2

The following program is developed by the German software company Ashampoo, and the program provides you with a set of simple and fast tools to easily edit and improve images, and the program features many important features such as a simple and organized interface in addition to it is completely free, but all you need before using the program is registration Only through your email address.

The program allows you to import a group of images together with ease, and then you can make adjustments to them once by cutting, rotating, etc., which saves you a lot of time, and the program also allows you to edit an image individually by making color corrections Manual and other tools, and although the program is completely free, there is a paid version of it with additional features.

Best alternatives to Photoshop for professional photo editing 2021 3

This editor is not a program, but it is a very popular site for image editing and graphic design, and therefore you can use it through the browser without having to download it to the computer, and it is very suitable in case you want to convert your favorite shots into cards, posters, invitations, and posts on various sites and social media, Also, Canva provides you with many other very useful tools, and Canva has two versions, one free and the other paid, which provides you with many other distinctive tools, and the free version gives you 1 GB of storage capacity.

a program Fotor

Best alternatives to Photoshop for professional photo editing 2021 4

Fotor has good features that make it one of the best free photo editing programs, as it allows you to make excellent improvements to a lot of pictures at once, which saves you a lot of time, and the program works on many different operating systems, including Windows and macOS, as well as You can use it through the website on any browser, and although the program provides a paid version with powerful features, the free version of the program is very sufficient.

Best alternatives to Photoshop for professional photo editing 2021 5

Photo Pos Pro provides you with many professional and very powerful tools for editing photos, in addition to that, it is a simple and easy-to-use program with a coordinated interface, which makes it suitable for all users, whether beginners or professionals. The program provides many basic features such as layers and masks, and the free version allows you to export images with a maximum of 1024 x 1024 pixels, and this is very sufficient if you want to share your images on the Internet, but it may not be suitable if you want to print photos.

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