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Bentley’s first VE will be launched in 2025 as an SUV

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CAR Magazine then says, and now, that Bentley’s first electric production vehicle will be based on the Volkswagen Group’s Artemis architecture, which is led by Audi engineers. This EV will only be the beginning of a series of zero-emission vehicles, which will be launched in the late 2030s, with the entire range of Bentley being electric.

“Looking forward to electrification, we will have closer synergies with Audi,” Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark told CAR Magazine. “But
we will continue to have strong relationships with both brands [Audi e Porsche] and we see it as an opportunity, not a risk. Without a doubt – we are electrifying. And we need to find the best way to accelerate that and lead the technology load. “

Bentley’s first electrified model was the Bentayga plug-in hybrid, which will be followed by a number of other hybrid vehicles. In 2023, the Crewe-based construction company wants to electrify its entire line and, shortly thereafter, will launch its first all-electric car. The author of the article says he heard different rumors about it, and now a new report tries to shed more light.

Bentleys first VE will be launched in 2025 as an

Contrary to previous reports, stating that the brand’s first EV could be a high-speed sedan, Hallmark practically confirmed that Bentley will develop an SUV, because “if you are not in an SUV, you are nowhere” . When will we see this? Probably in 2025.

“2025 is the right time for us,” added Hallmark. “’Weight is a concern. But we’re seeing a rapid evolution in battery energy density and we’re committed to making things lighter and more streamlined. And battery-powered electric vehicles are suitable for Bentley; quiet, effortless, high torque, refined performance. “

We know for sure that Bentley is working on a plug-in hybrid version of the Flying Spur and, debuting a Continental GT PHEV later this year, could also be in the pipeline.

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