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Battlefield Mobile available before official announcement

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A list of Battlefield Mobile appeared on the Google Play Store, as EA has announced a series of Android-only game tests. The list contains a complete description of the game, as well as some screenshots.

Players will be able to play in squads and build loadouts using weapons and devices that veteran players should recognize, such as the F2000 bullpup rifle. It looks like it will also be able to control vehicles such as tanks and ATVs, and the maps will include Battlefield’s characteristic environmental destruction.

Players can choose from four classic classes – Assault, Support, Medic or Recon – with the ability to choose specific devices for each class. The game will also include War Heroes: characters with “unique narratives” and their own attributions. This seems similar to the approach taken by DICE in Battlefield 2042, where players can choose from a unique set of characters, each with their own backstories.


Based on the screenshots, the game looks eerily similar to Battlefield 3, with what appears to be a version of the Grand Bazaar map, albeit with simplified graphics.

DICE previously said that a Battlefield mobile game was in development for 2022, entering an extremely competitive mobile FPS market with names like PUBG: Mobile and its more traditional rival Call of Duty Mobile. The game is being developed by Industrial Toys, led by Alex Seropian, one of the original founders of Bungie, creators of the Halo franchise.

It will be interesting to see what compromises have had to be made to bring the Battlefield experience to low-powered hardware, particularly around the large-scale destruction claim and map sizes. Game modes like Conquest are also incredibly long, but mobile players are unlikely to be able to play for more than half an hour or more.

As you would expect from a mobile game, Battlefield Mobile is free to play and will be monetized through cosmetic items, exclusive unlocks and a Battle Pass.

The game is currently being tested in Indonesia and the Philippines, indicating that the game is targeting the Asian market, where console ownership is much lower, although it will be expanded to other regions later.

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