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Battlefield 6 was announced by EA and is the new game in the series

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The next title in the series Battlefield was officially confirmed by Electronic Arts on the official game page and on social media. It was an exciting way that fans received the announcement a few hours ago through a shared publication in the official accounts associated with the dissemination of information about the series. The caption for the publication of social networks follows a phrase, “get ready for a revelation soon“.

Apparently, the rumors that preceded this announcement were right, EA just announced the studios behind the development of the new title in the acclaimed series. Five studios participate in what will be the future of Battlefield – which has not yet been confirmed, despite being identified as just “Battlefield” -, be it 2021 or, sequentially, Battlefield 6.

However, it seems that the future will not only involve development for current consoles and PCs. Two versions of the game are being developed, in which one is turned for the current console generation is for computer and other, to be developed for mobile devices – betting on what appears to be the future future of the video game industry – with more and more players betting on this alternative.

Oskar Gabrielson, DICE’s project manager, starts by saying “2021 is an exciting year for us at DICE […]”. The huge project that is the Battlefield series has been embraced by four major studios. “Our colleagues at Criterion and the DICE Los Angeles are working with us on the same concept [que temos] for the game, while EA’s studio in Gothenburg is focused on taking the game to the next technological level […]”.

It is important to remember that the Criterion previously worked with DICE Stockholm (studio responsible for the Battlefield series) for the development of the Battle Royale from Battlefield 5 launched in November 2018, while DICE LA may have been behind the few DLCs announced and released for the previous title in the Battlefield series, set in World War II.

Battlefield 6 was announced by EA and is the new game in the series

Together, we are creating a jaw-dropping experience for [a comunidade] enjoy in 2021“, Says Gabrielson, corroborating the expectation that the next Battlefield will hit the market later this year. Thus, we know that the game for the new generation of consoles and PCs comes out this year, with the revelation happening in the coming days (still without an official date).

Given the way this announcement was expressed, we believe that the new title in the series will not be expected to reach the previous generation of consoles – which on the one hand would be good from the point of view of development and available hardware, however, covering much less players – which can mean less sales in the first months of launch. Anyway, without confirmation, let us wait for information during the revelation of the game.

Battlefield 6 was announced by EA and is the new game in the series

According to the publication, EA and DICE are developing a version of Battlefield for smartphones and other mobile devices, which should arrive in 2022. The production of this game is in charge of the studio of Electronic Arts, Industrial Toys, responsible for games like o “Renegade”. It reads in the publication of Oskar Grabielson, “[…] it has always been our vision to bring Battlefield to more platforms. After years of thinking, I am very happy to be able to say that our colleagues at Industrial Toys are working with DICE to bring the best war scenarios to mobile devices.

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