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Battlefield 6 launch could happen on Xbox Game Pass

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Expectably, rumors about the next title from the series Battlefield after the failure that was Battlefield 5 – a game that had everything to be successful, but condemned to failure due to lack of development time -, a title based on the events of the Second World War. It is speculated that this new game will be set in a contemporary war scenario (in the near future) in the style of Battlefield 3.

Within the community, and especially for war game lovers, Battlefield it occupies a very special space, both for its mechanics and for its unique ambience style. While the competitor, the Call of Duty series, has a habit of being released annually or every two years, the series developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts takes, on average, about two to three years to develop a new game.

Second was advanced by Shpeshal Ed, co-founder of the XboxEra podcast, would be pending a triple-A (ie, heavily invested) shooter set in third person on the Game Pass in the fall. The rumor do you have any foundation, because according to what have been the releases by the producers, this happens at this time, and there are only two viable options, Call of Duty or Battlefield.

Battlefield 6 launch could happen on Xbox Game Pass

However, if we take into account that the Activision has a special commercial relationship with PlayStation from Sony, the case changes and the only candidate (at first glance) to whom guns are aimed, is the Battlefield series – which has already led to the despair of fans, since DICE does not bet on a current war scenario -, something can be corroborated by the close relationship of AND THE with the Xbox from Microsoft.

This makes even more sense, given the latest revelations from top officials in the Electronic Arts, who claim that the development of the next title Battlefield is in a high state of development – the fastest stage in recent years on any Battlefield release -, intensified by the unification and participation of the main studios behind some of the most famous titles developed by DICE.

Battlefield 6 launch could happen on Xbox Game Pass

O EA Play, the Electronic Arts subscription package, which allows any player to enjoy the full range of EA video games (and where all Battlefield games are part of) was recently included in the Game Pass subscription, which suggests that anyone who purchases this Xbox package does not even need to go directly to EA, but rather access a multitude of non-exclusive and exclusive Xbox games.

This theory is shared by Jon Clarke, another of the founders of the XboxEra portal, who also stated that “[…] my other bet would be Battlefield 6 in view of the existing relationship with EA Play ”, ensuring that“[quase de] sure that Microsoft shares a lot of data about its beloved numbers that indicate that there is a community of around 20 million players available [para jogar o título no lançamento]”.

This may allow us to have a better perception of what the future will be from now on, but of course, all of this should be taken with some caution, as they are pure rumors, which, however credible they may be, are just rumors. There is still no information transmitted by the development team, but it is expected that during this month of April or next May some official information will be released.

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