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Battlefield 6 is now in charge of 3 studios

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The last two titles in the Battlefield franchise, Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V, have been the subject of great conversation in recent years and will not stop until a new title is announced.

On the one hand we have Battlefield 1 that was very well received by the community and that ended up facing its biggest rival, Call of Duty, that that same year launched Infinite Warfare that ended up being very badly received. On the other hand we have Battlefield V which was released two years later as the most ambitious World War II game to date, but which ended up failing drastically due to weak post-launch support and due to various artistic choices made by the team of developers.

Although the majority of the game is still unknown, it is expected that the next title in the franchise will return to the modern era and possibly to contemporary conflicts. In addition, several rumors suggest that the battles (from what we think Battlefield 6 is) will be bigger than ever, suggesting an increase in the number of players present in each match and possibly new mechanics of destruction.

Battlefield 6 is now in charge of 3 studios

As you can see, the flow of new content in games is extremely important in modern gaming. Battlefield for its part has never been the best in this field as it was observed with Battlefield V, a game that was promised with a very extensive post-launch support service but ended up failing due to the huge lack of content, the various postponements and the lack of organization by the Swedish studio that ended up leaving a huge amount of cut content unusable.

In order to face franchises that reign in the post-launch content field, EA decided to take the risk of placing the next Battlefield franchise title at the expense of 3 different studios. As expected, DICE will be the main studio and will be mostly in charge until launch, while DICE LA is used as a support studio. The biggest surprise is the presence of Criterion Games, the studio that was in charge of the next Need for Speed ​​title and that EA has now decided to postpone due to the new strategy. However, Criterion is no stranger to Battlefield, as it created the Firestorm mode for Battlefield V and was still present in the production of Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefront 2 before being left to Need for Speed.

The presence of DICE LA is also quite significant in this project. Not only is this the studio in charge of the Community Test Environment for the franchise, but it was also the studio in charge of correcting the Battlefield 4 experience with new additional content and adding Battlefield 1 packages. In addition, this team is now led by Vince Zampella is one of the “parents” of Call of Duty and later the founder of Respawn Enterntainment. The role of Zampella and the rest of his team will be the same as the studio had at the time of Battlefield 4 with post-launch content.

The new strategy looks very promising, but now everything will depend on the efforts of the studios and on how much EA is prepared to invest in this project that could bring Battlefield back.

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