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Battlefield 4 Server Capacity Increased to Handle Enthusiasm Battlefield 2042

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Expectant gamers have been thrilled with the latest ‘near future’ game in the series (Battlefield 4 is set in a fictional 2020, as imagined in 2013, when it was released) in numbers such that EA has had to increase server capacity to deal with the influx.

It was already known that Battlefield’s next game is Battlefield 2042, launching the FPS series on a grand scale in an Earth of the near future (think of the Boston-Dynamics-style Robot Dog), where stateless mercenaries fight for superpowers, and for once the new scenario doesn’t it is the focus of a battlefield revelation. The ad’s success is clear, being already shown a gameplay, as well as already having millions of views.

The big news was that Battlefield 2042 doubles the player count to 128 and redefines the class system to present “experts” with unique gadgets. All previous Battlefield games have tweaked Battlefield’s basic format, but it appears to be the most significant change for the series since its inception in 2002, nearly 20 years ago.

Battlefield 4 Server Capacity Increased to Handle Enthusiasm Battlefield 2042The unveiling of the Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer during the Xbox and Bethesda showcase at this year’s E3 seems to have turned out well, if the increase in player numbers in Battlefield 4 is any indication.

“We were absolutely blown away by the excitement and reactions to the recent unveiling of Battlefield 2042,” wrote EA’s community management. “Since then, many of you have returned to Battlefield 4 to get a taste of a return to all-out war.

We are monitoring your experience and realize that queue times in the western US are much longer than in other regions. Good news, as an example, we’ve increased server capacity for this region – you can expect less waiting and more games. “

It is also known that in addition to the usual Conquest and Breakthrough game types, there are also two mystery modes.

Battlefield developer DICE hasn’t fully explained what they are yet, but said they’re not real battle modes and made some other comments that left us very curious, says the article’s author, urging you to continue following PCGamer to find out more about that and everything else about Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 will be released on October 22nd.

Source: PCGamer

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