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Battlefield 2042 will add “up to 64” AI bots to compensate and fill the ‘battles’

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On PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, Batlefield 2042 will support Battlefield’s biggest battles to date, with its ‘All-Out Warfare’ mode, which is described as the next generation of fan-favorite ‘Conquest & Breakthrough’, featuring “the biggest maps ever ” for the franchise.

And that’s how EA has already told The Verge that when Battlefield 2042 can’t find 128 players in a game, it will fill in the gaps with up to 64 AI soldiers to keep games populated.

So far, there are no plans to allow players to disable this feature, they noted, but humans will always have priority. Therefore, at peak times, players may never even encounter AI-controlled opponents, but where appropriate, EA has now confirmed that it will compensate whenever in its 128-player matches, the same number of players is not available to play.

Battlefield 2042 will add up to 64 AI bots toPopular online games like ‘Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds’, ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ and ‘Rocket League’ already include AI bots when players aren’t available, but not on the scale EA has now planned for Battlefield.

In short, Battlefield 2042 will add “up to 64” AI bots to help fill your matches, and on next-gen Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, Battlefield 2042 will have “reduced map sizes” and a smaller player count of up to 64 players.

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Battlefield 2042 will be released October 22 on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X / S and PS5, and during a live stream reveal event earlier this month, EA and developer DICE confirmed the first details of 2042, which noted that it will support 128-player battles on “massive scale” maps filled with dynamic weather and other environmental hazards.

2042 introduces the ‘Specialists’, a new type of playable soldier. Inspired by the four traditional Battlefield classes, the ‘Specialists’ will be equipped with their own unique expert traits and specialties and will have fully customizable loads.

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