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Battlefield 2042 has gained a new gameplay video — check it out here!

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The next game in the Battlefield series is already on the lookout much to the relief of fans and the community. This one that promises to be a revolutionary and impactful title introducing, for the first time in the series, more than 64 players in a match — more precisely, 128 players on next-gen consoles and on the PC — as revealed by DICE in the producer’s official media.

Battlefield 2042 is the ultimate bet of Electronic Arts, a game set in the near future, in a world that is on the brink of shortage of collapse — lacking food, energy and clean water — leading dozens of failed nations to give rise to one of the biggest crises in Europe. refugees from the history of mankind. This time, and to the surprise of countless players, the pseudo-futuristic title will not include a campaign mode, being entirely online interaction.

This game is expected to hit the market at October 22, 2021 for PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox one and PRAÇA (Steam, Origin and Epic Games Store). Among the many new features introduced to the game’s graphics engine that it will be possible to see in more detail, now, in the gameplay reveal video (which we publish below), we highlight the size of the map, the presence of wingsuits (instead of parachutes) and real-time custom weaponry.

When checking the official Battlefield website, you can read the locations of the seven maps available at launch — Kourou (in French Guiana), doha (in Qatar), songdo (in South Korea), Brani Island (in Singapore), alang (in India), Queen Maud Land (in Antarctica) and in the Egypt — which should provide unique moments on an epic scale of combat never seen before in a game of the series, as revealed by the development team. Remember that the first game ad trailer took place on the 9th of June 2021.

Among the other news, as expected, DICE and Electronic Arts took the opportunity to reveal that players will be able to find out more about the Battlefield 2042 next day July, 22, during the EA Play live, where players will be able to discover a little more of this new title to be released in the autumn (from the northern hemisphere). Check out the game announcement trailer below.

Remember that subscribers of EA Play Access will have a 10 hours early access from the 15th of October, before the official release on the 22nd of October. The cost of this service starts at €3.99/month, however, if you want unlimited access, you can opt for EA PlayPro Access which costs €14.99/month and offers no restrictions on the use of streaming services.

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