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Battery charges electric vehicles in 10 minutes

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StoreDot, specializing in fast-charging battery technology for electric vehicles, recently launched a prototype capable of charging in just 10 minutes.

In partnership with EVE Energy in China and Warwick University in the UK, StoreDot created a cylindrical battery cell, measuring around 46×80 mm, which currently has five patents. Battery technology has been in development for three years. The 4680 battery can charge electric cars but StoreDot’s technology can be used for other purposes. For its development the company uses nanomaterials as well as organic and inorganic compounds.

Tesla may be one of the companies most interested in using this type of technology. Meanwhile, StoreDot CEO Dr. Doron Myersdorf revealed that the company is trying to reach agreements with several leading car manufacturers to provide them with 4680 batteries, help them transition to electric cars, and contribute to reduction of toxic emissions to the environment. For now, these batteries are expected to start shipping in 2024.


In recent times, the company has been able to face some safety issues, as well as increase the battery life cycle through the introduction of metal nanoparticles.

For now, no specific characteristics of this new battery have been specified, it is only known that it has a very fast charging capacity. With this new technology, electric cars are expected to gain more autonomy.

At a time when charging time is one of the main obstacles presented by most people interested in electric cars, as it requires greater day-to-day planning, StoreDot’s new technology may come to convince the most skeptical and to solve this problem.

At the end of last month, StoreDot registered a patent technology that allows the battery to analyze its charging capacity in real time.

Source: forbes

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