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Bang & Olufsen presents Beolab 28, a premium wireless speaker

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Bang & Olufsen today introduces Beolab 28, an adaptable wireless speaker that combines advanced acoustic innovations with smart speaker capabilities appropriate to create an exceptional experience right out of the box. The Beolab 28 can be placed anywhere in the house thanks to its sophisticated design, transmits any sound instantly and provides an immersive and powerful sound experience, at the level of a studio, which automatically adapts to your space, designed to last.

“Beolab 28 is our most advanced connected speaker yet, providing powerful sound and flexible positioning options due to its narrow shape and small size. Beolab 28 has wireless connectivity and streaming features that allow you to enjoy your music exactly the way you want it to, ”says Christoffer Poulsen, senior vice president and head of product at Bang & Olufsen.

Bang & Olufsen’s sound philosophy is exposed by Beolab 28, which offers a powerful sound experience. The listener can physically feel the bass reached by the integrated subwoofer based on a custom 6.5 ”driver. The driver offers a great excursion to obtain powerful and accurate bass. The latest generation of Bang & Olufsen Active Room Compensation adapts the bass response to the room, allowing the speakers to be positioned anywhere.

Bang Olufsen presents Beolab 28 a premium wireless speaker

Using three 3 ”full-range drivers positioned at the front and one on each side, and a 1” tweeter at the front for optimal treble quality, it is possible to create uniform directivity across the entire significant frequency range. The full-range drivers and the tweeter have an exceptionally high sensitivity and have been developed specifically for Beolab 28 in order to create a clear midrange quality even at very high levels, as well as an accurate and dynamic treble reproduction.

Beolab 28 redefines the idea of ​​an all-in-one column, where simplicity is celebrated. The integrated bass firing subwoofer amplifies the bass capacity enough to fill larger rooms, without the need to add an external subwoofer. This provides a better listening experience while at the same time minimizing clutter to give you more freedom when designing in an indoor space. Beolab 28 can also be mounted on the wall so as not to take up space on the floor.

Setup is easy, fast and cable-free thanks to wireless connectivity, which offers speaker synchronization at 24bits / 48kHz in micro seconds. Integrated music streaming allows listeners to pick up the phone and stream directly to the speakers. Users can listen to music in the living room or throughout the home via Airplay 2 or Chromecast, in the B&O and Bluetooth application. The speakers will be compatible with Beolink Multiroom in the fall of 2021 through an automatic software update.

1620049678 42 Bang Olufsen presents Beolab 28 a premium wireless speaker

Beolab 28 can also be paired with a Bang & Olufsen television using Powerlink or Powerlink wirelessly. A simple touch user interface was created on top of Beolab 28 that lights up when approached thanks to the integrated proximity sensors, visually inviting the user to interact with the product. The elegant user interface allows listeners to pause / play, skip and increase or decrease the volume.

The incorporation of 4 favorite buttons allows listeners to easily access their favorite radio station using Bang & Olufsen Radio or the Spotify playlist. Customers can choose to use the speakers in a variety of ways, directly via the user interface, using a Bang & Olufsen remote control or directly via the smartphone.

The Beolab 28 column is available starting at 9750 euros online and at Bang & Olufsen stores.

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