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ASUS launches new ProArt Display PA148CTV portable monitor in Portugal

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ASUS has just announced the availability of the ProArt Display PA148CTV, a portable 14-inch FHD monitor with a 10-point, multi-touch, anti-glare IPS panel. Designed for creators, it is the world’s first Calman Verified certified portable monitor and offers 100% sRGB and 100% Rec with 709 color spaces.

The ProArt Display PA148CTV also comes pre-calibrated from the factory with a Delta E <2 color difference for exceptional colors. ASUS Dial and the Virtual Control Panel are designed to work with compatible Adobe software, providing users with shortcuts to facilitate their workflow.

Users can download the beta version of ASUS Dial and the Virtual Control Panel on the ASUS website. In addition, the ProArt Display PA148CTV has a user-friendly design and includes a micro HDMI and two USB C inputs, an adjustable metal bracket and a tripod socket.

Vivid colors

Color professionals have very accurate screens to ensure that their creations are reproduced as intended. Calman Verified ProArt PA148CTV is pre-calibrated at the factory to a Delta E <2 color value and features 100% sRGB and 100% Rec with 709 color spaces for exceptional color reproduction. Each ProArt screen undergoes several meticulous tests to ensure smooth color grading and the best visual aids.

ASUS launches new ProArt Display PA148CTV portable monitor in Portugal

10-point multitouch panel

THE display tactile used in ProArt PA148CTV is capable of recognizing up to 10 points of contact simultaneously, allowing a highly accurate and responsive tactile experience. It provides content creators with a convenient and effective way to work, especially when they’re out of the office or studio.

Convenient design

The two USB C ports provide audio, video and power input with a single cable; in addition to these there is also a micro HDMI input to connect the various input sources.

The ProArt PA148CTV has a tripod mount that allows users to mount it not only on a tripod, but also as an adjustable bracket that supports it to provide comfortable viewing angles and working positions to allow you to work “on the go”. Its elegant leather cover protects you during transport.

Accurately edit

ProArt PA148CTV features ASUS exclusive ProArt Preset and ProArt Palette software. ProArt Preset offers several ways to quickly adjust the color gamut, making it easier to sort colors and edit photos and videos. ASUS ProArt Palette allows users to customize various display parameters, including color matrix, temperature and gamma adjustment through intuitive on-screen menus.

It also includes two-point scale sliders for all six colors – red, green, blue, gray, pink and yellow, giving its users more flexibility compared to many other competing monitors.

Availability and Prices

The ProArt Display PA148CTV will be available from June in Portugal, with a Recommended PVP of 439 euros.

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