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Ashirase, a Honda startup, creates shoes that help people with vision problems

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The car manufacturer Honda, launched a new startup, Ashirase, which is dedicated to creating a navigation system in shoes, in order to help people with some visual impairment, allowing them to move more easily in public places. These shoes are the first result of the company’s IGNITION program.

Last month Honda announced the IGNITION program, which was intended to help its employees market ideas for new consumer products.

The new company will have as CEO the engineer Wataru Chino, the creator of the Ashirase concept. The idea of ​​creating shoes with a navigation device inside came after the death of his grandmother following a fall in a ravine while walking. The technology used in these shoes directly interacts with the smartphone.


The startup’s CEO, given the tragic experience, resorted to automated applications to help people with visual impairments to move, making their day-to-day more agile.

The shoes, nicknamed Ashirase, like the company, have a vibrating part inside the fabric, and circuits in the upper part of the shoes, which perform the navigation procedures. They have integrated GPS with maps that show the way to a specific destination.

As the person is walking, he receives indications from the shoe, indicating whether to stop, turn right or left through vibration. According to those responsible for the project, the instructions are easy to understand and are felt on the front of the shoes.

One of the great advantages of this product is that you don’t need special shoes to use the technology. The company has already mentioned that there is a wide range of footwear that supports it.

Source: Science Atom

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