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As of 2022, motorcycles also have mandatory inspection

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It is a measure that has been talked about for a long time and decided at European level almost 10 years ago, in 2021, but it will not be until next year that this measure will finally come into force. The information is provided by Jornal de Negócios, which even quotes the Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Jorge Delgado, who states that “As of January 1, 2022, all motorcycles measuring 125 cubic centimeters above will have to go to inspection ”.

And the reason for being in January of next year has a logic… In fact, an obligation, since the European directive that determines the mandatory inspection for these motorcycles ends on December 31, for this reason there is no turning back and the law it even has to come into force early next year.

According to the decree-law, which is still in the legislative circuit and should be approved by the council of ministers soon, the inspection is now mandatory for around 450,000 motorcycles, covering all motorcycles with 125cc or more, leaving out , for now, two-wheeled vehicles with 50cc.


This amendment to the law comes into force almost 10 years after the government of Passos Coelho approved this inspection, and a law for its regulation was never published. However, according to JN, with just over three months to go until the end of the year, there are still many doubts, namely by the inspection centers.

If it is true that, in recent years, inspection centers have investors millions of euros to prepare for the process, many important decisions are still missing for this inspection to be carried out. The Inspection Centers even warn that the classification of deficiencies is still lacking, as well as the qualification courses for inspectors, so that the inspection of motorcycles can be carried out.

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