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Artificial Intelligence in Business – How to Use It in Business Day-to-Day

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Companies must be in tune with the possibilities and advantages that the digital age offers. Having a website, a website hosting service and a domain registration is the basic tripod to ensure indispensable online presence, a fundamental factor for the success of any undertaking in times of internet.

However, managing a business in the current context is not just a domain on the web. Modern technology brings to companies – both small and large – the advancement of AI, the so-called Artificial Intelligence.

Is it safe to delegate tasks to machines that can read some algorithms? The answer is yes and this has been going on for a long time. Do you want to know more about how Artificial Intelligence can help in the daily lives of companies? So check out the topics in this article.

  • AI – Making your business smarter
  • Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture
  • AI is good for health – Artificial Intelligence in telemedicine
  • robots at work
  • Good results for business


AI – Making your business smarter

Today you’ve already taken a look at the schedule of your Netflix? If you look closely, she’s adept at suggesting series and movies to your liking. This is because of Artificial Intelligence.

Your likes and dislikes show the algorithms of this streaming service what interests you most when you sit in front of the TV or computer to watch entertainment. And that goes for other similar services, such as Spotify, Youtube, Disney Plus and others.

But Artificial Intelligence is not just restricted to presenting the varied menu of streaming services. It also appears to help other business segments. The use of virtual attendants in online stores is an example of this.

But the situation goes far beyond that. AI resources have the objective of facilitating the different procedures of a company, optimizing stages and helping decision making, always with the aim of providing the organization’s growth.

Thanks to this, it also improves another important foundation in any business: customer service and the shopping experience.

Want a practical example of this for business? Just know that virtual assistants, such as Google Assistant, present on smartphones, make it possible to collect data involving surveys that customers do on the web.

All of this helps brands to better understand the profile of their customers and, therefore, offer more quality products and services.

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

Agriculture is one of humanity’s most important and ancient activities. Civilizations were raised with the expansion and practice of this activity.

Over the years, several technologies have been developed and used to facilitate and improve agricultural activities. If it used to be the plow, today it is also possible to have Artificial Intelligence applications and tools that help in the cultivation of crops.

Companies operating in the agriculture and livestock sector can use some technologies that benefit various aspects of daily life, as we will see in the examples below.

Smarter Vehicles

Modern GPS and AI capabilities can be used to give more autonomy to vehicles essential for harvesting and plantations, such as tractors and harvesting machines.

Artificial Intelligence can be used in these vehicles in order to detect threats through information about the history of the crop contained in a database. This helps to prevent pest attacks and use the proper dosage of defensive agents.

Weather forecast

It’s no use, the weather is the biggest ally and, not infrequently, the biggest obstacle to a good harvest. Agriculture relies heavily on the mood swings of the climate.

Because of that, having a forecast if it will rain or not, knowing if the next summer will be dry or not, all these details are crucial to determine how much and what the farmer should plant.

Therefore, nowadays there are machine learning resources that facilitate the daily lives of farmers when it comes to knowing how time will collaborate (or not) with their work.

Monitoring of crops and herds

With the use of drones and data analysis, growers are able to detect tiny but important crop changes. This makes it easier to carry out soil assessments, in order to see if it has low nutrients or some other type of hindrance.

The daily routine of companies operating in the livestock sector also gains advantages with Artificial Intelligence.

Thanks to applications and features of Machine Learning (Machine Learning), there is the possibility of monitoring the health status of the herds, thereby adopting measures in order to alleviate or resolve these difficulties once and for all.


AI is good for health – Artificial Intelligence in telemedicine

Those who work in a health-oriented enterprise, such as a clinic, can also use Artificial Intelligence to obtain better management results.

With some AI tools at their disposal, doctors and other health professionals can provide remote care and quickly consult a patient’s history, for example.

The benefit of this is to facilitate a series of situations that are essential in the daily life of a doctor’s office or hospital. So let’s see some practical examples of this below.

Better diagnostics with the help of AI

Artificial Intelligence software is capable of providing increasingly accurate and sharp images. This makes it possible to identify disorders and illnesses faster and more efficiently than with analog methods.

Furthermore, many of these Artificial Intelligence technologies are able to detect medical conditions that, in general, cannot be seen by doctors.

The use of wearable devices

The “wearable devices” perfectly combine technology and practicality, as they allow a more adequate monitoring of patients.

Wearables, which in Portuguese means “wearables”, are devices that we all know. They consist of bracelets, glasses, buttons and other accessories that can be used by patients.

Through them, doctors and nurses can remotely monitor characteristics that are essential for the treatment of patients, such as heart rate, calories and other relevant information.

Analyze database

Through Artificial Intelligence applied to health, physicians can carry out a more accurate tracking of the patient’s health status and family history.

This analysis done efficiently is extremely important to assess the probability of the patient contracting a particular disease.

robots at work

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence in everyday business, a very important acronym comes to mind. In the digital age it is known as RPA.

Robotic Process Automation, which in Portuguese means Process Automation with the use of Robots, aims to help in carrying out tasks considered repetitive and tiring for the employees of a certain company.

Thus, RPA, that is, the use of robots, allows such tasks to be performed by software suitable for this purpose.

Through RPA it is easier to bring to your business more productivity and efficiency in services.

Process Automation through robots is a sample of how much Artificial Intelligence is increasingly relevant for companies.

The alternatives that RPA contemplates range from the most essential, such as sending an automatic email, to the most complex, such as the use of chatbots, for example. To understand more, let’s look at some of the RPA applications in the daily lives of companies.

Optimized service

Automating service through robots is very useful for e-commerce, especially during and after the pandemic period, when purchases made via the internet took a significant leap.

Chatbots, for example, are fundamental in this process. Most of them work through “Machine Learning”, that is, Machine Learning. With this, they can solve the customers’ basic doubts.


Robotic software can be used to generate reports of different types and for different purposes. Faced with this possibility, employees will commit to the tasks that will be priorities.

The fact is that thanks to these Artificial Intelligence resources, relying on robotized software, it is possible, for example, to reduce the lack of productivity and reduce expenses caused by rework and other problems.

The team of collaborators becomes more proactive and knows the priorities better. In addition to reducing operating expenses, processes are made with higher quality, improving the aspect of productivity.

Human Resources talent bank management

The flow of employees in a given organization can be a factor that impedes its growth, preventing it from being able to count on a cohesive team.

Because of that, with the purpose of offering a good management of this sector, the use of technological and automated AI resources brings more security and efficiency.

This happens through the crossing of data that establishes some patterns of predetermined characteristics. With this, it is possible to “program” a more integrated team and with the appropriate profile for the company.


The good results that AI brings to business

The presence of Intelligence helps ensure success in all sectors of the enterprise. The service improves employee productivity as well and, as a result, the company stands out among competitors and reinforces the brand’s positioning. It is also worth noting other benefits that make a big difference.

Digital Security

The Information Technology (IT) area is one of the areas that gain the most in quality due to Artificial Intelligence applied in its processes.

Intelligent algorithms and machine learning (characteristics of AI) are fundamental to finding virtual attacks of various origins and types.

Thus, a company’s information security benefits from greater agility and accuracy, as defense systems acquire more capacity to adopt safe and automated decisions, based on the variety of information and data.

If an invasion occurs, for example, IT professionals can rely on Artificial Intelligence and its indications to alleviate or solve the failures and problems.

Database Optimization

The term “Big Data” is one of the most pervasive in the digital age. It’s also no wonder, as Big Data is a reference to the enormous volume of data that can help managers in the elaboration of Marketing and business strategies in general.

Data is important in modern business management. But in addition to collecting them, it is necessary to organize them and analyze their relevance, evaluating which ones are useful for the business and which ones will be discarded.

Thus, this is where Artificial Intelligence comes with resources and tools able to identify certain patterns and quickly cross-reference information, which makes it easier to make decisions.

competitive edge

The use of Artificial Intelligence, both for Big Data analysis, customer service and other resources, brings more authority and credibility to the company’s brand, making it more relevant and known among consumers.

Artificial Intelligence has long since left the field of fiction and invaded the daily lives of companies

The advantages it brings to all business segments are many. Agriculture, medicine, education, industry and commerce start to reap the good results of this technology.

Data analysis, qualified customer service, increased productivity, such possibilities become within the reach of any company.

So, in addition to building a good digital presence with a website and a record of domain, it is important for managers to bring AI technologies to their respective businesses. With that, the company and the customers win.

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