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Are you looking for electric bicycles, at the best prices, for your rides?

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Mais Tecnologia presents you with a selection of e-bikes so that you can make the most of the experience that is cycling, however, with a little help in the field of electric mobility. Here you can find some of the bicycles that can be adapted to what you want and with very competitive prices. On all models, you can count on some exclusive discount coupons.

The growth in demand for bicycles after the deflation has caused an increase in production, in particular, of bicycles with electrical support to assist the user in some more complicated stretches of the route, relieving physical effort for those who have not yet fully recovered their physical form or for those who want to make longer trips, without getting exhausted.

Do you often see those electric bikes that are shared by countless people? What if we tell you that you can find a city e-bike for less than a thousand euros? The electric bicycle HIMO C20, can be found for € 773.53 on Geeklifetime as coupon “ZSH6H1”. It should be remembered that this model is sold in dollars and that the value of the purchase in euros or any other currency is subject to the exchange rate in force, all dealt with on the website.

Are you looking for electric bicycles at the best prices

This model equips a Shimano 6-speed system for better performance in the city, well balanced with the right measures so that there is not too much effort on your rides. Using the electric assistance mode, you can do up to 80 km with a battery, however, if you choose to use the bicycle in exclusively electric mode, you can achieve a range of 50 km and a maximum speed of 23.7 km / h.

The HIMO C20 also has an electronic information panel that shows the monitoring of all the details of the bike and its routes, signal light (red) at the rear, ventilated disc braking system (front and rear) and LED front light (so that you can always see the way in the best way). So that you can always be comfortable and safe, know that the saddle is wide enough so that you do not feel uncomfortable after several hours of pedaling (if applicable), with a tire inflation pump under the saddle.

<< HIMO C20, for € 773.53 as coupon “ZSH6H1” >>>

Are you looking for electric bicycles at the best prices

Alternatively, you can always opt for a more robust and slightly more versatile bike, being prepared for city or dirt routes, or even for longer routes. THE SAMEBIKE LO26-FT is an e-bike that, oddly enough, has a price (a little more affordable), from € 739.06 via coupon “ZSH6H1” . Extremely versatile, the 500W engine has the capacity to place this bike at 35 km / h, ensured by a Shimano 21-speed system.

Thanks to the front and center shock absorbers, this bike offers extra comfort when going up sidewalks or passing through a hole. In addition, the 10,400 mAh battery allows 40 to 80 km in electric helper mode or 25 to 35 km of autonomy, in exclusively electric mode. To charge, it only takes a total of 4 hours to fill this huge battery.

<< SAMEBIKE LO26-FT for 739 € as coupon “ZSH6H1” >>>

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In the center of the e-bike, there is also a digital panel that allows you to follow all your movements on the bike. Three crankset gears, together, with the seven-speed rear wheel downshifting. Like the other bike, it is equipped with a ventilated disc braking system, as well as LED light on the rear as well as on the front to maintain an optimum level of safety for all circumstances.

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