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Are you looking for an affordable laptop computer? Meet our suggestion!

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The confinement prompted several people to look for new devices to replace older computers they had at home. For the most laymen in the field, this can be a complicated task, however, you do not need to worry, sometimes, within a few surveys, you can find out what you need to renew your computer fleet.

The lack of definition has been progressing favorably, but care must be maintained, however, for some people, the laptop has served as a work tool. Mais Tecnologia offers a suggestion to purchase a new portable computer at an affordable price, already thinking about mobility and, who knows, in the summer. The situation is complicated, but a short break through the corners of our country can serve to decompress. Need to stay connected? Nothing, like something light and complete to be able to do your chores from a distance.

Coming directly from Germany, the new Cenava F151 Quad Core Laptop, has an advertised price of € 420.14, however, it is on sale at (with a direct discount of 25%), allowing it to reach € 315.94. However, if you use our exclusive coupon “NNNF151”, manages to further lower the price of this laptop up to € 302.50, which is surprisingly reasonable, given the specifications of this computer. Allied to this, you do not pay any shipping costs and there is no risk of surprise costs with Customs.

Are you looking for an affordable laptop computer Meet our

<<< Cenava F151 Laptop for € 302.50 like coupon “NNNF151” >>>

This model, with an introductory range, makes it possible to satisfy the basic needs of most people, namely for work or leisure. O Intel Celeron J3455 allows you to perform most productive tasks (Office tools) and other low-demand (CPU) programs. In terms of graphics, it has the Intel HD Graphics 500 that allows you to mostly watch movies or videos, however, don’t expect to be able to play, probably, older games.

Thanks to 8GB RAM, you will not have to worry about Internet browsing performance (with multiple tabs open) or with multiple Office documents open at the same time, as it complies with the Olympic minimums for this notebook segment and even fixed computers. However, when we talk about internal storage, 256 GB of memory M.2 (SSD) are somewhat reduced, however, be aware that you can always expand this space in the future (without restriction).

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Are you looking for a laptop that can be used for (face-to-face) presentations? Please note that this device has an HDMI port to be able to connect to a projector or monitor. Given that we are in confinement, please be aware that the Cenava F151 has a 0.3 MP camera, ideal for videoconferencing. In order to complete the experience, also know that the notebook has two USB 3.0 ports, one entrance 3.5mm audio jack and a microSD card reader.

<<< Cenava F151 Laptop for € 302.50 like coupon “NNNF151” >>>

The set is complete with the incredible 1.3 kg weight, which is reasonable enough, and is still associated, a 4,500 mAh battery which supplies both the keyboard backlight and the rest of the set. Details about the autonomy are unknown, however, given the processor consumption, it shouldn’t be too disappointing (due to the price of most of the notebook).

1618937976 287 Are you looking for an affordable laptop computer Meet our

<<< Cenava F151 Laptop for € 302.50 like coupon “NNNF151” >>>

So, you already know (albeit in an introductory range), if you are in need of a portable computer to remedy the problem of being in constant mobility, know that the Cenava F151 it may very well be the solution to your problem. For a very affordable price (taking into account the specifications provided), but above all, for the screen, storage and memory it is a valid option to consider.

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