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Are you looking for a top vacuum at an affordable price? Xiaomi JIMMY

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Xiaomi is no longer an unknown manufacturer among us, with several own stores in Portugal, despite having the “best known” products, however, the Chinese manufacturer’s offer in the homeland is huge, with the most varied products and sub-brands . If the manufacturer already has cleaning robots for sale, Jimmy is a sub-brand of the company that stands out for high quality products at a fair price.

Thus, today we talk about the products of this brand that is on sale and worth taking a look at, especially if you are looking for vacuum cleaners of this style for the home, which are much more comfortable than the traditional ones, but as good as the others, not to mention the comfort and convenience of this type of products. We introduce three products, the JIMMY H8, JIMMY H8 Pro and the top of the range JIMMY H9 Pro. By the way, don’t forget to take advantage of the coupons we have indicated.


This product is the most economical of these three products, but there is no lack of quality. In terms of suction power it has 25000 Pa, thanks to a power of 500W of motorcycle that allows to easily clean carpets or the car and has four modes: Eco, Turbo, Max and Auto, being the economic enough for the floor, while the turbo is perfect for carpets, as is Max and the auto adapts to what you are vacuuming for.

Are you looking for a top vacuum at an affordable

In terms of battery, we have 2500 mAh that allows a duration of up to 60 minutes, and in other modes the values ​​are obviously reduced, and this battery can be removed, allowing for a separate charger or integrated in the vacuum cleaner, on the wall.

The aspirate also has an LED screen that indicates the user suction mode, how the battery is, among other important information when we are using it in auto mode.

The equipment is light, weighs 1.45 kg and still has a 0.5 liter tank, which is sufficient. The price, this is very important and this equipment is excellent. The normal price is 212 €, and at the present time it is € 186.99, but there are more. If you use the coupon “JIMMYH8” the final price is 184.99 €. To improve this, buy from the Spanish warehouse, which in addition to the equipment does not stop at customs, arrives between 2 to 5 working days after shipping. An excellent offer.

Take advantage of the coupon “JIMMYH8” and buy the H8 for € 184.99


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This equipment is clearly an improvement on the previous product that we talked about, being that it shares the same design, with the same suction power of 160 AW and the same motor power of 500W. However, it is right on the battery that we find some improvements, with 3000 mAh, allowing a use of up to 70 minutes.

The modes are the same, and it is in the accessories that we also see more offers, allowing you to use it in a smaller mode, as in the normal H8 version. The price is € 297, but in the current promotion it is available for € 237.99, also in the warehouse in Spain and with free shipping. With the coupon “JIMMYH8PRO” you can buy for € 236.99.

Take advantage of the coupon “JIMMYH8Pro” and buy the H8 Pro for € 236.99


This is the top version and also with a higher price but for the features, and, depending on the use you are going to give, completely justifies it.

1617797934 55 Are you looking for a top vacuum at an affordable

To begin with, the design is different and allows greater flexibility in the complete set, since in the middle you can fold what is excellent for vacuuming under a table or high sofas. Then in terms of suction, we have a 600W motor and 200AW suction power.

The modes are the same and already allows a use for up to 80 minutes, and the battery can be charged externally or at the base of the vacuum cleaner. It also has the same LED screen. In terms of cup capacity there is also an increase, to 0.6 liters.

The Jimmy H9 Pro is priced at € 424.99, but with the coupon “JMH9Pro” you can buy this excellent product for just € 364.99.

Take advantage of the coupon “JMH9PRO” and buy the H9 Pro for € 364.99

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