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Are you a fan of Super Mario? Nintendo and Tag Heuer announce smartwatch with WearOS and Super Mario

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A few days ago, Tag Heuer published a teaser of a watch with the Super Mario theme, which made fans of the Nintendo saga swarm. It was thought that it would be a normal mechanical watch, however the news came out and it’s different, and more “advanced” than expected: it’s a version Tag Heuer Connected Wear OS Watch Limited.

The hardware itself appears to be identical to Tag Heuer’s Connected Wear OS, plus some slight cosmetic tweaks, like the 45mm adjustment, including an M-for-Mario logo on the crown, and comes with two straps: one with red rubber perforated next to another with red rubber and black leather.

The watch is said to use a “reward system of game” featuring Mario and Mushroom Kingdom themed animation greetings that play as you reach various stage goals throughout the day. There are four new Mario watch faces, including a “timing” dial that features “retro elements from the 1985 version of Super Mario Bros., all in pixels.”

Tag Heuer says he is “considering making available [esses recursos do Mario] in other editions of TAG Heuer Connected in the future”. That might be good news for those who bought the latest version, which starts at €1700 and can cost up to €2400.

The new Mario watch drops to the upper limit of the Connected range, reaching $2,150, and not counting the Golf Edition version, the more expensive version costs €2,250 so we aim for that price.

It’s also much more exclusive – Tag Heuer announces that it will only produce 2,000 units, which will be available in some of its own boutiques and on its website in certain regions from July 15th, as there is already a reference to the clock on the website. in Portugal, some of these exclusive units should also be available in our country.

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