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Are these the first real images of the Samsung Galaxy A82?

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Rumors are always appearing on the internet and today there were the first images of a smartphone that is touted as the new Samsung Galaxy A82, but unlike its predecessor and unlike rumors, there is no innovative camera setup – simply a set of static cameras facing backwards.

In this sense, the Samsung A82 may end up looking like what we expect the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE to look like with its rear triple cameras in a vertical line, and with a very different design from that followed by its “younger” brothers Samsung Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72.

Now, in case you don’t remember, the Galaxy A80 was a very interesting smartphone because it had a rotating camera that served for both the rear and the front camera, sliding the rear area of ​​the smartphone forward and the camera rotated to take selfies.

However, although in technological terms it is very interesting, the truth is that the manufacturers did not continue their bet in this area (Except Asus with the ZenFone), so in the new Galaxy A82 we also realized that samsung decided not to bet on this technology.

Are these the first real images of the Samsung

Looking at the images released, we have a design similar to that found on other smartphones, with three rear cameras arranged horizontally in the upper left corner of the mobile device. Interestingly, it has fewer lenses than the Galaxy A52 and A72.

This model should come in white color and appears to have a slightly curved waterfall screen, volume button and lock button on the right and USB-C port on the bottom (although there is no 3.5 mm headphone jack). Reportedly, the A82 box contains a 15W fast charger and a cable.

The Galaxy A82 screen will have a 120Hz refresh rate, following the market trend and we expect the fingerprint sensor to be below the screen. It has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, in addition to MicroSD support. The battery must have 45000 mAh and must support fast charging up to 25W.

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