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Apple’s electric car doesn’t scare your Volkswagen

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If the iPhone manufacturer went ahead with building the electric car Apple, Volkswagen would not have to worry about it, according to Herbert Diess, Volkswagen Group chairman.

Des in said Interview With German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung: Volkswagen is not afraid of Apple.

He explained that the automotive industry is not a technical sector that you can control or dominate overnight, no matter what Apple will put on the table.

“It makes sense for Apple to get in there because they are skilled in batteries, design and software,” Deiss said.

Rumors suggest that Apple is betting on a battery design that provides a greater range, and may also be safer, and could be more ethical by eliminating the use of cobalt that is sometimes mined with child labor.

LiDAR and other technologies give it autonomous driving capabilities.

Apple faces many obstacles to manufacturing the car, as in addition to the challenges of creating a sophisticated electric car with autonomy, it also has to line up with partners if it is not going to manufacture the cars or components itself.

And Hyundai recently said: It is no longer in talks with Apple about team cooperation regarding the Apple electric car.

Reuters reported in December 2020 that Apple may have made enough progress to build a car for large markets by 2024, aided by cost reductions in battery technology.

The reported 2024 target is still a long way off, and any revolutionary technology now may be modest by then.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen may not want to feel completely relaxed, and the comments (Ed Colligan) Ed Colligan, CEO of Palm, in 2006 should be remembered when he said: Apple will not enter the smartphone business.

What happened next shows that Apple entered the field of smartphones strongly, while it could not Competitor Palm, acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 2010.

Apple has a history of revolutionizing the competitive landscape when it enters the product category.

And while Volkswagen has a stronger position in EVs than Palm in phones, you might not want to assume its position is irreplaceable.

Volkswagen plans to develop software for self-driving cars in-house to ensure it can compete against tech companies in the field of electric vehicle data.

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