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Apple with new updates to increase Webkid security

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In order to correct some flaws in the security domain of Webkid, Appled will provide new updates for iOS, macOS and WatchOS.

Just one week after the last relevant updates of its operating systems were made, Apple has released patch versions for both iOS, iPadOS, macOs and watchOS. For now, the iPhone manufacturer, through official documents, gave the guarantee that the updates now proposed will solve the problem of security flaws detected in WebKid.

However, it is suspected that the vulnerabilities demonstrated may have already been “actively exploited”, so it would be prudent for users to effect, as soon as possible, the updates presented by the company. Problems related to “maliciously crafted web content [que] can lead to arbitrary code execution. ”

Apple with new updates to increase Webkid security

Among the problems detected, in addition to the issue of memory corruption, there is also a complete overflow, both on macOs and iOS. There is also a buffer overflow in terms of problems after free use on older iOS devices.

In order to solve the flaws, Apple makes a kind of escape ahead betting me more advanced updates. For iOS, the company launches iOS 14.5.1 as a solution. Regarding the ipadOS, Apple puts the ipadOS 14.5.1 version on the scene. As for macOS Big SUr, the macOS Big Sur version appears to circumvent the security weakness noted in the previous edition and watchOS 7.4.1 is made available as being more effective in terms of security.

However, for owners of older iPHones, ipads and iPOd touch devices, and who do not support recent versions of iOS, it is recommended to install iOS 12.5.3.

Taking into account the possibility that the flaws have already been “exploited” in an “active way”, the installation of the updates seems to be the best hypothesis to be followed for users of Apple products.

Source: Engadget

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