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Apple will now provide tutorials on Yotube

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Since 2017, all physical Apple stores offer free workshops where participants can, among other things, learn how to boost their device as well as acquire more in-depth knowledge of the software.

In 2020, due to the pandemic, Apple began offering online tutorials, which are hosted on Cisco Webex. As of today, the company has its tutorials directly on YouTube, and called this series “Today at Apple”.

The first tutorial to integrate Apple’s YouTube channel, which teaches the public to draw themselves as if they were a Peanuts character, is by artist Krista Porter ‘The Snoopy Show’, and features the participation of Anthony, a “Creative Pro” at the Apple Carnegie Library.

The tutorial is about 10 minutes. Viewers will not be able to ask questions throughout the video as it does not work live.

To be able to follow the tutorial you need an iPad or iPhone, as well as an Apple Pencil or stylus and access to the Pages application. In this way, the audience of these tutorials is limited to those who are part of the “Apple ecosystem”.

Apple will now provide tutorials on Yotube

As you’d expect, Apple emphasizes its gadgets throughout the video, so it’s also a way of promoting the brand. One of the main objectives of the tutorials is to attract as many people as possible to the ecosystem.

Apple has already announced that it will soon be putting new tutorials on its YouTube. Throughout the episodes, the artists will cover different themes and techniques.

You can watch the YouTube tutorial on here.

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