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Apple Watch ranks your cardio

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Since December 14, the application Health classifies users in terms of cardiovascular fitness as “low”, “below average”, “above average” and “high”. This information is available in “Cardio Fitness”.

This functionality is measured using the Apple Watch and, if it reaches low levels, then the user will receive a notification about the drop in the index, along with recommendations on how to improve their physical performance over time.

With the new version of the watchOS 7.2 watch operating system, users will be able to improve their quality of life. In addition, this novelty is compatible with Apple Watch from the series 3 model.

apple watch atribui classificacoes as medicoes de cardio fitness

Fitness measurement

According to Apple’s chief operating officer, Jeff Williams “Apple Watch now offers estimates of low levels of cardiofitness directly to the user’s wrist so people have more signals about how they can improve their long-term health through daily activities”.

Apple Watch monitors your physical performance using a metric called VO2 max that indicates the amount of oxygen your body consumes during exercise or on the move. Thus, this update available for the Apple watch allows you to analyze your levels while you are walking and, not only when you are training.

A drop in max V02 may be related to an increased risk of cardiovascular problems. The user will have the ability to improve their health in general, allowing them to reduce diabetes, stroke risks and improve sleep quality and mood.


Your heartbeat is picked up through your wrist with the help of infrared and LED lights. These technologies allow the detection of the amount of blood flowing through the pulse in an interval of 30 to 210 beats per minute, transmitting the collected information to the Apple Watch.

Source: The Verge

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