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Apple under pressure to respond to Chinese repressionقمع

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One of President Joe Biden’s key allies in the Senate said Apple, Cisco and other US companies with deep ties to China are under increasing pressure to address Beijing’s suppression of human rights and democracy.

The Democratic Senator’s comments came Chris Koons Two days after the House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill to boost the United States’ competitiveness with China.

Koons compared the relationship between the United States and China to America’s separation from the former Soviet Union during the Cold War.

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While US trade relations are now much stronger with China than they were with the Soviet Union, Koons said there is some gradual divergence between the two economic superpowers.

Koons also made clear that Chinese behavior in her country and around the world is increasingly difficult to ignore.

Koons criticized what he called China’s Great Firewall. Which the government uses to block the internet in China and demand censorship and use it to coordinate surveillance and repression of its people.

Koons also noted that the Biden and Trump administrations have described China’s treatment of Uyghurs in Xinjiang as genocide.

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Apple faces pressure because of China:

Companies trying to industrialize and operate in both countries face increasingly difficult questions in the West about what they are doing to help facilitate the repression of human rights and democracy in China and elsewhere around the world.

Asked what those companies should tell China now, Koons replied: Stop stealing our intellectual property.

He said: China forces you to transfer technology to your Chinese operations and then steals it from you. It competes with us in vaccine diplomacy and in the struggle for the next generation of technology.

He praised the US Innovation and Competition Act, which pumps $250 billion into the technology and manufacturing sectors. Which aims to put the United States in better competition with China.

The bill’s massive investments in semiconductors, 5G, quantum computing, and other industries raise the likelihood that the United States and its close allies will be ahead of the curve in the next generation of dual-use technologies for both civilian and military

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