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Apple TV+ is a huge success and receives a lot of news later this year

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It was in 2019 that Apple entered the world of movies and series with the arrival of Apple TV+, a service available on the American giant’s devices that has been a huge success until today, something that Tim Cook confirmed at yesterday’s event, already having I’ve won numerous awards for the excellent content I’ve been offering over the past two years.

Television series such as The Morning Show, See, Defending Jacob, Ted Lasso, Truth Be Told and many others, as well as films such as Unpregnant, Palmer, Greyhound, Wolfwalkers, The Banker and countless others have featured excellent actors and actresses from Hollywood and , with this, have made Apple TV+ one of the best services of the brand ever.

With this, the brand is taking advantage of the new iPhone 13 revealing event and of all its vast and exclusive range to talk a little about the future of Apple TV+ and, it seems, it will receive countless new seasons, series and even movies that look just amazing and breathtaking.

During the event, Apple showed the video above which reveals numerous new features such as the first seasons of Foundation and Invasion, with the demonstration of the teaser trailer of both, as well as the second season of The Morning Show, which features the acclaimed and beloved Jennifer Aniston, best known for the famous comedy series FRIENDS.

In addition, the brand presented series that recently received new seasons such as See, a series that has the presence of Jason Momoa, an actor well known for his great and memorable role as Aquaman, a role he played for the Warner Brothers and DC.


In terms of new movies, among them is Finch, a film featuring the beloved and acclaimed movie actor Tom Hanks who has once again teamed up with Apple to make another landmark movie for its streaming platform. The first film he made for the American giant’s service was Greyhound, which premiered in 2020, and which was a huge success on the platform.

Apple TV+ seems to have gotten even better just with the latest news unveiled by the brand at the new iPhone 13 reveal event, and I can’t wait to see everything that’s coming from this great streaming service, especially the new Tom Hanks movie , Finch.

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