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Apple tries to make Air Tags less “scary” with new update

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Apple is making a software update available to Air Tags that, in theory, will make it harder for people to use them for surreptitious tracking, as reported by CNET. According to a statement, Apple is also working on an application dedicated to Android users that will allow it to detect potentially unwanted trackers.

Air Tags were launched earlier this year as an everyday object tracking solution. However, there have been concerns that these are being used as resources to track people. Since the launch of Air Tags, several reports have suggested that some adjustments would be needed to make these devices more “aware” of the issue of privacy for everyone.

Before the update, if the Air Tags were far away from their owner, after three days they would beep if they sensed that they were moving. If you had a fully updated iPhone, you could receive an “AirTag Found Moving With You” notification.

Apple tries to make Air Tags less scary with new

It is known that Apple is now updating Air Tags to sound an alarm between 8 and 24 hours of separation from the owner, significantly reducing the time for an Air Tag to report itself.

Apple says the Android app will hit the public later this year and will be able to detect AirTags and other Find My network accessories such as Chipolo tracker.

Eight and 24 hours are still seen as too long to be unknowingly tracked. However, it has to be agreed that Apple is at least beginning to address some of people’s concerns. The update was released on June 4th and happens automatically when an Air Tag approaches an iPhone something similar as AirPods receive updates silently, according to CNET.

Source: The Verge

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