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Apple shows that it is much better than Android and dominates on iOS 14

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According to the company Mixpanel, iOS 14 will be up to now with an adoption by users above 90%.

It was in December last year that Apple announced that 81% of iPhones launched during the past four years will have installed iOS 14, which as we know is the latest version of the Apple company’s operating system.

Now, the market analysis company Mixpanel has come to announce that iOS 14 will be running at values ​​above 90% on equipment such as the iPhone and iPad. According to the most recent data obtained by the company Mixpanel, 90.45% of iOS users will have the latest version of the operating system already installed on their equipment.

It is in fact an excellent indicator of the satisfaction that users are achieving with iOS 14, especially if we take into account that it was only released in September last year, that is, 7 months ago. There is still a small percentage, around 5.07% of equipment running the previous iOS 13 version, while 4.48% continues with the iOS 12 version or even older.

Apple shows that it is much better than Android and

Apple has not yet officially confirmed this data, but it is not a big surprise for the most attentive. Because according to the site development of the brand itself, 80% of all iOS devices would have already installed this version on February 24th.

Once again, Apple sets out to do what it best knows how to do, which is one of the big reasons why they keep their customers loyal, which is that they are able to make system updates available to the vast majority of their customers quite often, something that all the competition, despite having already changed its strategy a little, remains behind in relation to Apple.

Back in September 2020, the adoption of the new iOS 14 quickly surpassed iOS 13 over the same period of time since iOS 14 has brought about a greater revolution in terms of news.

Source: Phone Arena

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