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Apple released security updates for older models

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It was during the autumn of last year that Apple released a security update for older iPhones and Apple Watch. A document recently emerged and revealed a rare change made by the company in relation to the A12 and S5 processors.

According to that document, Apple updated the Secure Enclave on these processors for a second generation of the component Storage during autumn 2020. For those unfamiliar, the Secure Enclave is a security coprocessor that exists on virtually all branded devices to provide an extra layer of security for them.

All data stored on iPhones, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch as well as other devices are encrypted with random private keys, which are only accessed through the Secure Enclave. O Secure Enclave it is also responsible for storing all keys that are somewhat sensitive such as passwords, Apple Pay and Touch ID and Face ID data. So what Apple refers to in this document is actually the component Secure Storage, place where the data that is stored inside the Secure Enclave.

Apple released security updates for older models

This change was first revealed by Andrew Pantyukhin on the social network Twitter. The cited support document appears to have been updated during the month of February, but only now has it been possible to detect this change that occurred last year. Apple states: Note: A12, A13, S4, and S5 products first released in Fall 2020 have a 2nd-generation Secure Storage Component; while earlier products based on these SoCs have 1st-generation Secure Storage Component ”.

This simply means that the following devices are equipped with the second generation of the Secure Enclave, even if they don’t have the newest A14 and S6 processors:

. HomePod mini – S5 processor and second generation Secure Storage;

. Apple Watch SE – S5 processor and second generation Secure Storage;

. iPad (8th generation) – A12 processor and second generation Secure Storage.

However, there is something to repair, and it is due to the fact that there is no reference to any equipment with the A13 processor, as well as there is no equipment with the S4 processor both launched in the fall of 2020.

Therefore, the existing document is in fact a little confusing, but what is interesting is that the HomePod mini, Apple Watch SE and iPad 8 regardless of using old processors still receive the latest version of the technology. Secure Enclave.

Source: 9to5Mac

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