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Apple prevents kids from looking for Asian things

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Apple has spent years ensuring kids can safely use smartphones and tablets, but some of the family-friendly content controls appear to be biased.

And according to To report From newspaper British Independent, The content controls built into iOS 14’s Screen Time feature, which aims to restrict children’s access to adult sites, also prevent users from searching for the word Asian in Safari and other browsers.

The ban applies to the word Asian and related ideas and phrases, such as: Asian food, Asian fusion, Asian diaspora, Asian societies, Asian countries, Asian politics and Asian cultures.

The appropriate, objective term that Apple’s parental controls allowed was Asian restaurants, although related inquiries, such as Asian cuisine, were rejected.

Meanwhile, searches for similar terms with European, African, Hindi, or Arabic rather than Asian words worked well.

It is unclear at this point exactly how Apple decides which terms parental controls should block access to, as well The content restrictions imposed are not precise.

And if you search for the word Asian or one of many related terms in Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, or even Baidu, your browser tells you that you cannot browse the page because it is restricted.

This is true whether you type your search query into the address bar of your mobile browser, or if you go to the main page of the search engine and try to search from there.

But the strange thing is that Yahoo is the only search engine available that Apple offers as a default option in the Safari browser, which handles these searches correctly.

The Independent cites a recent tweet from iOS developer (Stephen Shen) Steven Shen. Discover The bug and reported the matter to Apple in late 2019.

Soon after, in February 2020, the expected bias of the Screen Time feature was reported via Twitter by (Charlie Stigler) Charlie Stigler, product strategic analyst at enterprise services company Workday.

And theWrote Stigler at the time: iOS’s built-in adult content filter blocks all searches with the word Asian, assuming it’s porn-related.

This means that a 12-year-old Chinese American girl who may use Google to search for Asian hairstyles will discover that her culture is banned as adult content.

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