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Apple plans to release all four iPhone 13 models simultaneously in September

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Last year, Apple released the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, with pre-orders starting in mid-October, followed by the iPhone 12 mini and 12 Pro Max in early November.

This year, Cupertino may release all four models simultaneously and at an earlier date as well, based on evidence found in an e-commerce app in China.

The information was published by @PandaIsBald. This shows that all four iPhone 13 models will go on sale on September 17th. This is for China, but the country should be on the first wave of sales.

The new Apple AirPods 3 TWS headset will arrive a few weeks later, on September 30th. Naturally, there will be a short pre-order period before sales.


This release information may be inaccurate (or even false), although most analysts believe Apple is about to launch in September. And he expects the new models to sell better than the 2020 generation.

Greater production

A new report from Bloomberg came up claiming that Apple will try to increase its iPhone production for the next 2021 models.

Based on details from supply chain partners, Cupertino is expected to have 20% more iPhones ready compared to last year’s launch for a total of 90 million units during the initial period.

Despite the global shortage of chipsets, Apple’s supply chain remains unchanged and key partners such as TSMC have already planned their orders in advance.

There are rumors that the release date of the next iPhones will be in September. But as these are rumors, we cannot be sure of this information.

Last year, the pandemic caused a series of unexpected delays, which changed the moment. Apple and its partners have learned to handle the situation, so things should get back to the normal September release schedule.


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