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Apple officially confirms event later this month

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Mark your calendars: Apple has already sent invitations to a launch event on April 20 at 10am local, 6pm on mainland Portugal, just as Siri suggested it would. And, as usual, Apple did not seem to contain itself: the invitation slogan refers to the event as “Spring Loaded”, which can be a subtle reference to the many products that the company is due to launch next week.

The timing is right for Apple to unveil a set of new iPad Pros, to say the least, and persistent rumors argue that the new Apple Silicon Macs, AirPods and possibly even the long-awaited AirTags trackers may also have their share in the spotlight soon. .

The news of Apple’s latest launch follows another announcement of another important event – the company confirmed earlier this month that its World Programmers Conference (WWDC), which takes place from 7 to 11 June, would be entirely virtual for the second consecutive year. What’s more, today’s news sets aside months of speculation about when Apple’s next big event would actually take place.

Apple officially confirms event later this month

For a while, rumors pointed to March 16 as the most likely date, when the first prediction didn’t work, attention shifted to March 23 and finally April 6. Now that we know when the event is taking place, we can focus more on what Apple plans to announce.

Although Apple launched new iMacs with 10th generation Intel processors last summer, all signs point to a sophisticated redesign for 2021 inspired by the Pro Display XDR monitor, paired with more powerful versions of the Apple Silicon chipsets we first saw Macbook Airs and Pros in 2020.

Speaking of new specs, this is mainly what we expect from the 2021 iPad Pro. Current rumors suggest that Apple has not tweaked the physical design of its most premium tablets – instead, the company has focused on including an updated A14X chipset and a new mini-LED screen that offers greater brightness, deeper blacks and better contrast ratios.

And as part of an effort to make its professional-grade tablets more “professional”, Apple may also have equipped them with 5G (to match last year’s popular iPhone 12 series) and a Thunderbolt USB-C port for better compatibility of accessories and data transfer speeds.

Meanwhile, the iPad mini – a tablet that basically looked the same since 2012 – finally looks like it will receive a makeover that includes a bigger one, which some rumors have pointed to at 8 inches. It is also possible that Apple will announce an updated version of its simple 10.2-inch iPad, but the fact that it updated this model less than a year ago, we are not surprised that it does not happen.

There may be more things, such as a new iPhone SE, although there are no rumors in this regard, or some surprise, which is increasingly rare, but certain, it is on the 20th at 6pm in Portugal that we start to know everything that will be presented.

There may be more things that we are missing here – like, say, a new iPhone SE – but the evidence that they appeared so early in the year does not seem very convincing. That said, who doesn’t love a surprise ad? Fortunately, we won’t have to wait much longer before Apple shows its full hand – consider this a reminder to keep an eye out for our live event coverage.

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