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Apple Museum with 1,500 exhibitions to open in Poland

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A museum dedicated to Apple and its products is expected to open in Poland later this year, as announced.

The museum will feature 1,500 exhibits related to the development and evolution of Apple products throughout the company’s history.

It is considered the largest and most complete collection of its kind in the world. Krzysztof Grochowski, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Japko, the company behind the exhibition, said:

“We have decided, together with our business partners, that it is our duty to present these exclusive collections to the widest possible audience. We want the exhibition to fit into contemporary exhibition models. We would like to show the development of ideas in technology in a way that everyone can understand the progress we experience as humans. We also want to show the sources and directions of civilization, but above all, we want to show visitors the true core of technological pop culture. We will create a multimedia space so that people can experience this exhibition, not just see it.”


The museum will span 1,066.8 square meters, featuring creative and interactive exhibits, including Apple computers, laptops, accessories, cell phones, software, peripherals, posters, commemorative devices and more. One of the highlights is a working Apple I replica signed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, which serves as a starting point for visitors to tour the museum.

Until now, a smaller form of museum operated in Piaseczno, but the scale of the collection led to the need for a larger space that could guide visitors through a timeline, presenting all of Apple’s products and developments in chronological order.

A network of sensors throughout the museum will suggest objects of interest to visitors as they walk and offer scenes built around specific Apple collections in a specially created audiovisual space. Set design, lights, animation, sound, mapping and infographics offer opportunities for interaction, social and cultural context and technical information about the exhibitions.

There will be focuses on prototypes that never reached mass production and short-lived devices that were a commercial failure. Most of these exhibits are in operation or in the process of being restored, and visitors will apparently be able to touch, test and experience many of them with the help of a curator.

The Apple Museum in Poland will be located in the revitalized Norblin Factory complex in Warsaw and is scheduled to open this fall.

Source: MacRumors

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