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Apple may be preparing portable game console similar to Nintendo Switch

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Apple is one of the main companies in the technological market, of that there is no doubt, so it is also not surprising and in the hardware market there are some rumors about possible entries in other segments. The most recent rumor “remembers” an old one, the possibility of Apple launching itself into the console market.

But if you think that we could see a competitor to Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X, it is not so. According to the most recent rumor, the idea of ​​Apple may include launching a console more focused on the laptop and mobility, being a console similar to the Nintendo Switch.

The Cupertino-based company has not made any serious forays into the world of consoles, but the software has not. Apple Arcade is the latest attempt to attract players to its products, but Apple seems curiously reluctant to fully enter the video game hardware arena, as it has not yet launched its own game controller, for example, preferring to “promote” other brands in this area.

Apple may be preparing portable game console similar to Nintendo

However, this new rumor from Korea seems to mean that Apple has other ideas. The Korean forum Clien is the source of this information, stating that Apple is working on a hybrid console like Switch, which would be powered by a new processor that is not part of Apple’s A or M-Series. The chip will apparently have an improved GPU performance and Ubisoft is one of the companies that is supporting Apple in this regard.

Although this idea is interesting, since Apple products when they reach the market are quality and, most of the time, set trends, there are some factors that lead us to believe that this can be difficult to happen. To begin the history of Apple.

If you don’t remember, we recall that Apple once had a game console. Yes, yes, entitled Apple Bandai Pippin, which was produced in 1990, in partnership with Bandai, but which was a real failure, selling only 42 thousand units. In addition to the fact that, at the time, it arrived with few games and there was no rapid acceptance from the producers, the console also arrived on the market with several manufacturing defects, which caused them to quickly create bad publicity in relation to the console. 100,000 units were produced and it was one of the first decisions Steve Jobs made when he returned to Apple, ending the project.

1620998236 965 Apple may be preparing portable game console similar to Nintendo

In addition, and looking at Apple’s recent past as well as financial results, Apple has clearly been betting heavily on software instead of hardware. It is true that Apple hardware continues to sell very well, in general, but it is in software, applications and others, that there has been a great growth in revenue on the part of Apple.

Incidentally, Apple’s own bet goes in this direction, with the launch not only of the Apple Arcade that we are talking about here, but also of Apple TV +, among other subscription services. Launching a new product always has new challenges and at a time when Apple has demonstrated that when it takes a step, it is a well-structured step, it makes us not believe this rumor very much.

We can also look at the new hardware products that Apple has launched to the market. The most recent new product is the Apple AirPods Max headphones. It is true, it was a new product, within the sound segment that Apple already has presence, however, before this happened, Apple acquired Beats, a company that already offered of the best headphones products on the market, which facilitated the creation of an Apple-branded product.

That is why this is a rumor and we have to face it as such: with some suspicion, not least because Apple does not have a good past in its relationship with consoles.

1620998236 35 Apple may be preparing portable game console similar to Nintendo

Source: MacRumors

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