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Apple makes it easy to listen and find AirPods

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Apple’s AirPods are getting a number of improvements later this year, including a new Conversation Boost feature to help people with mild hearing difficulties.

The collection also gets better integration with the Find My network to locate lost items, and support for spatial audio across Apple TV in tvOS.

The new conversation-boosting feature for AirPods has been announced, which has been… Advertising announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC 2021, to help people with mild hearing challenges participate in the conversation.

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Conversation Boost takes advantage of computational audio and beamforming microphones to facilitate hearing.

The headphones try to isolate the person in front of you with tools that allow the user to control how much ambient noise is allowed.

Apple also revealed that AirPods work with the expanded Find My network, which includes AirTag.

Using a secure Bluetooth beacon, AirPods transmit their location to the Apple network and back to the Find My app.

AirPods in Find My will have an approximate view, so users can find the exact location more easily.

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Apple Updates the AirPods Collection:

Users can send a “chirp” to the headphones that also helps find them, available with or without AirPods in their case.

Another new feature is Separation Alert, which alerts users if they leave their AirPods somewhere.

AirPods also get spatial audio support in tvOS, giving viewers a full surround sound experience without disturbing the rest of the house.

And with spatial audio across Apple TV, users can simulate Dolby Atmos by streaming content without setting up a professional speaker.

Spatial audio features are also coming to FaceTime with iOS 15, while Apple Music supports Dolby Atmos.

AirPods and iOS 15 also announce notifications to users when their headphones are turned on. This is complemented by the new customization and notification control settings in iOS 15.

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