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Apple: macOS does not meet consumer protection standards

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The antitrust case between Apple and Epic Games continues, and the new witness in the case was Craig Federighi Craig Federighi, Head of Software Engineering at the company.

Federighi’s role was to glorify the security benefits that come with the iOS system and to warn of the dangers that could occur if tampering with the App Store model.

For this, Federici had to make some compromises on macOS security.

He said in his testimony: If you use macOS security technologies and implement them across the iOS ecosystem, they will be bypassed much worse than what happens via macOS.

“Today we have a level of malware via macOS that we don’t find acceptable and it’s much worse than iOS,” he added.

The CEO made the remarks as part of a broader argument why iOS has not been able to adopt the same software model as macOS, which allows installing third-party apps for several years now.

The executive compared the two operating systems, which run across Mac computers and iPhones, highlighting the differences between them.

With Epic Games wanting the judge to force Apple to allow multiple app stores across iOS, Federighi highlighted that doing so would be detrimental to security.

“The macOS stores are regularly being exploited and have an unacceptable level of malware,” he said.

The CEO explained that there are 130 different macOS malware that has affected more than 300,000 systems since last May.

However, Federighi defends macOS, saying: It is designed for a different group of users and that it remains the most secure option.

He added: Some of my family got malware via macOS, but I think my Mac can run safely.

Federighi also defended the iOS approach, stating that letting third-party app stores result in people regularly downloading apps from untrustworthy sources.

According to Federighi, another reason for Apple’s policy on iOS is that the operating system offers a more personal touch and holds sensitive data, and since the device is with the user all the time, it should be protected more.

An Epic Games lawyer later responded during questioning that Apple is marketing Macs as suitable for use by children, and is not setting iOS as a safer alternative to Mac.

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