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Apple is preparing a new iPod Touch

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While smartphones have effectively eliminated MP3 players, Apple continues to quietly update the iPod Touch from time to time.

The small music player can do more than just play MP3s, however, it can use it as a game console, a digital assistant and a useful secondary camera. In short, the iPod Touch offers many of the basic features of the iPhone, but for a fraction of the price.

The last iPod Touch released was its 7th generation, with Apple equipping it with an Apple A10 Fusion SoC along with 2 GB of RAM. The device was preloaded with iOS 12 in its 32 GB of storage as well.

But according to reports, Apple will be announcing a new iPod Touch in a few months. The renderings show that Apple has also improved the appearance of the iPod Touch, making it look like an iPhone SE with the design style of the iPhone 12.

Apple may not have done away with the iPod Touch, the only iPod product the company sells. The most recent iPod Touch arrived almost two years ago with a SoC A10 Fusion and 2 GB of RAM, so it is therefore normal for the North American manufacturer to consider updating it soon.


Now, initial rumors have surfaced online about a new iPod Touch, although they have not been independently verified. Therefore, we recommend treating this as a rumor rather than an information leak, even with the renders that Steve Moser published, courtesy of @ AppleLe257.

According to Moser, Apple will launch a new iPod Touch in the fall. If that’s the case, then we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple marks the next launch or launch of the iPod Touch on October 23, the iPod’s 20th anniversary.

Based on the images provided, the next iPod touch will look like the iPhone SE, although it is crossed with an iPhone 12. The headphone connector remains missing, as well as a front camera, apparently.

Instead, the iPod Touch will have a Lightning connector and an almost frameless screen. To reiterate, these are rumors, so the final design may not necessarily be complete as shown here.


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