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Apple is making minor changes to this year’s iPhone

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Apple is currently focused on launching the next generation of flagship iPhones and iPads later this year, according to To report New from Bloomberg.

Apple does not plan to make major changes to the iPhone line for this year, given the improvements it made to the smartphone in 2020, including 5G and new designs.

The engineers inside Apple are looking at the next iPhones as the S version of the device, which is the name usually given to new iPhones that come with minor upgrades.

The Corona virus pandemic has complicated product development, as Apple hardware engineers work in the company’s offices in Silicon Valley only a few days a week and in limited numbers, and this means throwing work to Apple’s engineers in China.

The epidemic last year delayed the release of the iPhone 12 lineup for several weeks, but Apple was still able to include almost every intended feature except for the appendix dedicated to identifying physical items, such as backpacks and keys, dubbed AirTags.

The company is now planning to launch this accessory this year, and has multiple accessories, including a leather key chain.

Although the overall changes will be minor, Apple is still testing the major upgrade for 2021 represented by an in-display fingerprint reader.

This adds a new way for users to unlock an iPhone, beyond the passcode and face ID for facial recognition.

Apple began moving away from fingerprint sensors in 2017 with the launch of the iPhone X, but Touch ID has since been available as a feature across Mac laptops and cheaper iPhones.

And Qualcomm, which supplies Apple with its 5G modems, earlier this month announced an integrated fingerprint reader under the faster and larger display.

This feature would be convenient in an environment where users wear masks, which are often incompatible with facial recognition.

The in-display fingerprint reader, which has also appeared on Android phones for several years, could also be faster than Face ID for some users.

And Apple will not remove the facial recognition feature as it is still useful for augmented reality and camera features.

Apple has also discussed removing the Lightning port for some iPhone models in favor of wireless chargingThe company moved to the MagSafe Magnetic Charging System with the iPhone 12, as well as removing the charger from the iPhone box for the last year.

For its tablet line, Apple is planning a new iPad Pro that looks like the current model, but adds a MiniLED screen and a much faster processor.

Work is also in progress on an entry-level thinner and lighter iPad that uses the same design as the 2019 iPad Air.

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