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Apple has no rest: New court case could lead to payment of 1.75 billion euros

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It seems that Apple has the least rest in the legal battles it faces. A class action lawsuit was filed this week in the London Court over Apple’s App Store. The lawsuit claims that Apple has been charging users too much for years.

According to the lawsuit, Apple has been exploiting its dominance in the UK market by charging 30% commission for paid applications. If the appeal is accepted, Apple could pay compensation to users in the UK of about £ 1.5 billion (something like 1.75 million euros or 11.11 million reais). The compensation would be paid to anyone in the UK who has purchased apps on the App Store since 2015.

According to Bloomberg, Apple said it believes the lawsuit is an opportunity to discuss with the court its unwavering commitment to consumers and the many benefits that the App Store has brought to the UK economy.

From that statement, it appears that Apple is not the least bit concerned about the process. The company went on to say: “The commission charged by the App Store is very common among all other digital markets. In fact, 84% of apps on the App Store are free and developers don’t pay Apple anything. And for the vast majority of developers who pay a commission to Apple because they are selling a digital good or service, they are entitled to a 15% commission fee ”.

Apple has no rest New court case could lead to

The fact that 84% of the apps on the App Store are free is not very relevant, as the process deals only with paid apps. The statement also says the developers paid Apple a 15% commission, which implies that the rest remains with them. This 15% commission policy was introduced recently, less than a year ago, and the lawsuit concerns Apple’s previous 30% commission policy, used from 2015 to 2020.

Apple has faced many legal battles over the years and has often resolved them out of court, noting that it recently appears to be under attack from several sides, with a clear focus on the court case that puts Apple face to face with Epic Games .

Source: Bloomberg

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