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Apple Expected to Launch Bigger, Cheaper iPhones in 2022

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With the iPhone 13 almost here and with practically all the information about the known equipment, the attention is already on next year’s iPhones, and the information released at the moment is important due to the person who just released it: analyst Ming -Chi Kuo, who has an excellent hit rate on Apple-related information.

The biggest update, according to Kuo, will come in the form of an under-screen fingerprint sensor, which would be the first Apple product to put the Touch ID on a virtual reader. On Android phones that have the feature, scanning works by illuminating the section of the screen that contains the sensor and by using an optical or ultrasonic scanner under the glass to read your fingerprint. This type of reading is not as reliable as a physical scanner, but the evolution of technology has allowed for clear advances and, most likely, Apple will have already evolved in this area.

Along with the on-screen scanner, Apple is also looking to beef up the non-Pro line with a new Max model. Apple released a fourth iPhone option with the iPhone 12 mini last year, but several reports suggest it’s not. to sell as well as Apple expected. Although rumors suggest that Apple will be releasing a mini version for the iPhone 13, next year’s lineup could go the other way with a 6.7-inch non-Pro Max at an affordable price, that is, more specs. modest, but a larger screen.

Apple Expected to Launch Bigger Cheaper iPhones in 2022

Apple released the Max phone with the iPhone XS in 2018 and it has remained the top iPhone model for three generations, with the iPhone 12 Pro Max featuring Apple’s largest-ever screen and better camera features than other models.

Kuo says the iPhone 14 lineup will include “the lowest price ever” for an iPhone of this size, which he expects to reach 6.7 inches and under $900. price, but it will probably have fewer cameras and features than the Pro version, to get the price down

Kuo also expects Apple to drastically upgrade the wide-angle camera on Pro models on the iPhone from 12MP to 48MP. Apple has stuck with a 12MP camera for several generations, while the iPhone has been overtaken by its Android counterparts, which offer cameras with more than 100MP, despite knowing that megapixels aren’t the only important factor for good photographic quality.

The iPhone 13 is expected to retain a similar camera with an improved 7-element lens structure with a slightly wider aperture.

Source: 9to5Mac

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