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Apple event officially confirmed… by Siri

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We are in the Covid-19 era, no doubt strange times and that the Westerners were not used to anything, but this news confirms that they are really strange times.

There are several rumors pointing to an Apple presentation at the end of April to get to know the new iPad Pro, as well as possibly other news, but so far there has been no indication from Apple in this regard. But that happened today, when MacRumors’ journalists tried to ask Siri when Apple’s next event would be, and the answer came without delay: on the 20th in San Francisco, also confirmed by MaisTecnologia com Siri.

Normally, Apple usually sends the invitation a week in advance, which can still happen today, however it is the first time that Siri offers this information before the official invitation, which we can speculate may even be purposeful, since Apple also got us used to good marketing strategies.

Apple event officially confirmed… by Siri

What can we know about this event?

In an event supposed to take place on April 20, Apple will unveil iPad Pro tablets in two sizes. Mini LED technology will be exclusive to the largest and most expensive 12.9 inch model, offering enhanced brightness and contrast.

(The potential change from Apple to Mini LED was first reported in late 2019.) Due to supply problems, however, it will be shipped later than planned and in limited quantities.

The new iPad Pro has become a popular productivity device, primarily for remote work during the pandemic. Along with the new display technology, the next models are expected to use faster processors similar to the M1 chips used in the latest MacBooks.

Apple can also add a USB-C port that will allow them to work with a wide range of accessories, especially those used in work at home settings, such as monitors and cameras.

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